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Jill Scott Talks New Album 'The Light Of The Sun"

Jill Scott talks with NPR‘s Laura Sullivan about her fourth studio album “Light of the Sun”. Actress and singer Jill Scott will release “The Light of the Sun” tomorrow, June 21st. Jill will also embark on her Summer Block Party tour beginning July 28th at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, N.Y.

Jill Scott has poured her soul out in previous albums, most notably her debut album, “Who is Jill Scott?”. But now, Jilly from Philly can say that some topics are off limit.

“Not everything is up for conversation; not everything is up for art. But do I really discern what is and what’s not? That’s the question,” she says. “Particularly with this record, I’ve really just been standing in front of the microphone and blacking out musically. I come back a couple hours later and there’s six songs from beginning to end.”

No worries, Jill is closing off all her emotions on this album. She says of “Hear My Call”,

“I know I’m not the only one who’s ever felt lost and confused by a broken heart,” she says. “[That song is] actually very difficult for me to sing live, because I have to embody those things in order to give permission to everyone in the audience to feel something.”

On the track “So Gone (What My Mind Says)”, Jill says,

“It’s a song about a girl who is being celibate because she’s respecting herself and trying to do something completely different. In the meantime, she’s still a boss and she could use a little [sex],” explains Scott.

Jill Scott also describes how helps her band develop the beat for each song playing in her head,

“I give them the beat with my mouth, I give them the notes, and then I describe the textures,” says Scott. “I tell them, ‘It’s in the South. It’s hot. There’s mosquitoes everywhere and you’re drinking corn liquor to keep them away. And your favorite woman – not your only woman – has decided that she’s going to marry somebody else. Now play.'”

It’s been awhile since Ms. Jill Scott was on the scene – she was sorely missed. Jill Scott “The Light of the Sun” in stores tomorrow! In the meantime, check out Jill Scott’s “So In Love” performance with Anthony Hamilton on Jay Leno.

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