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Does Stacey Dash 'Single Ladies' Character Speak For Other Women?

Does Stacey Dash’s character on VH1’s “Single Ladies” speak for other women? In the third episode of “Single Ladies” Stacey Dash’s character Val is still adjusting to her newly single life when her girlfriend April sets her up with an old friend.

April’s friend Blake is everything Val was looking for; assertive, smart, tall, dark and handsome. Blake and Val hit it off very quickly. He soon offers Val the option to prepare the same full course meal he will prepare for a chef job he’s hoping to land in Atlanta. Val and Blake had great chemistry while the two flirted heavily in the kitchen. After a tasty meal, Blake continues to impress Val when he offers to wash the plates. The two find themselves on the couch with Blake hoping to get Val to break her 6-month rule. The same rule she broke in the previous episode following her break-up…I digress.

Blake gets kissy with Val while he mouths out where he plans to kiss next. Val gives him a nudge below the navel hoping he’ll take the bait – pun intended. Blake puts the   kibosh on going down under saying, “I don’t do that.” A puzzled Val looks in horror as Blake states it’s “natural” for a woman to do the favor for a man but not the opposite. Val quickly kicks Blake out telling him “you need to give to receive”. And just like that, the previously perfect Blake was no more.

While Blake’s rational for not going down under was very foolish – is it truly a deal breaker? Do you agree with Stacey Dash “Single Ladies” character Val?

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