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Pippa Middleton Sunbathing Photos Causes A Stir

Pippa Middleton, the sister to Kate Middleton now known as Catherine, Duchess of York, has been all the rage since the royal wedding. Pippa Middleton’s popularity grew tremendously after she donned her own Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen gown as the maid of honor. Very quickly, Pippa’s relationship status was questioned and many were curious about her past. Soon after, a “fan” began a facebook page with Pippa’s derriere as the main topic. And the photos began popping up. The first crop of photos were of Pippa in a purple bikini top, a white skirt and a young man with only a boxer grinding on her from behind. Next followed the family trip to Ibiza with Kate, Prince William and other members of the Middleton family. Pippa was shown diving off the yacht for a swim and lounging with her sister Kate wearing a similar white bikini. But the real controversy began when pictures surfaced of Pippa sunbathing topless on the yacht.

Pippa’s family have now filed an official complaint to Britain Independent Press Complaints Commission against four British publications, News of the World, Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mirror.

According to On The Red Carpet,

The commission will determine whether the publications who published the photos have violated Middleton’s privacy, or whether there are any “public right to know” issues which would justify publication. European law protects privacy and free expression, leaving interpretation up to judges to determine which apply.

In the meantime, Pippa’s sister Kate is off on her honeymoon with Prince William and security is top priority.

Joe Little of Majesty Magazine stated that security was the “of primary importance” to Prince William. Adding, “We’ve known for a long time William would not stand for any nonsense regarding his new wife and her family.”

While on their honeymoon, Prince William and his new bride Kate are escaping the intense scrutiny surrounding Princess Diana’s death photos that are to appear in a new film, “Unlawful Killing”. Many were hoping that because of the tragedy in 1997, the paparazzi would spare the Prince and the Middleton’s by extension of the intense scrutiny.

Pippa Middleton has yet to personally respond to all the attention. Let’s hope she can find a way to maximize all this attention. Will Pippa become the “Kim Kardashian” of Britain??

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