NBC's 'The Voice' Premieres With Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo And Blake Shelton

Christina Aguilera joins Cee-Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as coaches on NBC’s premiere of “The Voice”. Carson Daly will host. Sounds anything like “American Idol”? Carson Daly bodly states, “Ours is the best”

The cast spoke to Hollywood Reporter on the differences between “The Voice” and “American Idol”. Aguilera shares,

“The way that Mark sold me on doing the show is not only the concept, but the fact that this isn’t about tearing people down, making fun of them or picking them apart in a negative way.” said Aguilera.

Cee-Lo added, “There’s a great humility about mentoring, coaching, and teaching. You’ll get to see a softer, sensitive, more real side of things because they are the stars. And you get an opportunity to see us being fans as well.”

Adam Levine shares, “It’s less about being judgmental and more about approaching people, helping them along and mentoring them.”

“The Voice” may be high on sentiments but at the end, aren’t they all really the same?

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