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Diane Lane Jump Started Reality TV In HBO's “Cinema Verite”

Actress Diane Lane stars in HBO’s “Cinema Verite”, a remake of PBS’s “An American Family”. Diane portrays Pat Loud, a wife and mother of five children invited cameras into her home to observe their unsripted lifestyle. “An American Family” is aguable the mother of reality TV with all the trappings. As a result of the show, Pat Loud and family fell apart.

NY Times says this of HBO’s “Cinema Verite”

“Cinema Verite” injects short, faded clips of the original documentary into the fictionalized account, which is tantalizing and a little risky; no matter how convincing the re-creation is – and even the luminosity of the California landscape stands out – viewers itch to sweep aside the stand-ins for a longer look at the real thing.

Which ever version is better, did you ever think that reality TV had such humble beginnings? Diane Lane herself of course stated “I will have shows that I watch, but not reality shows.” Why are we not surprised…

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