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Rihanna Believes Men Are Intimidated By Her Lifestyle

Rihanna shares with Rolling Stone the qualms of being in the spotlight. Rihanna who ended her relationship with baseball star Matt Kemp last year has since been linked to actor Colin Farrell.   Despite her suitors Rihanna insists that men are intimidated by her world.

“Not to sound crazy, but yes (I think men feel intimidated). And I think that’s very difficult because it’s a lot for them to handle, especially being in the public eye. It can be difficult. It can be tricky.”

She adds, “There’s gonna be someone who is not intimidated or not afraid to put me in my place.”

Interestingly Rihanna also shared that she likes to be handled by her man because her work life calls for her to be the boss all the time.

“I think I’m a bit masochistic. I love feeling like I’m somebody’s girl.

“I love to be tied up and spanked. I like to be whipped. And it’s funny that I care. But I prefer to be spontaneous.

It’s refreshing to know that Rihanna appears to be aware of her sexual desires however sharing this much information will likely hunt her down the road…


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