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Mariah Carey Reveals The Personalities Of Her Twins

Mariah Carey – Songstress Mariah Carey is convinced she can distinguish between the personalities of her twin babies based on the ultra sound pictures.

“You can tell the personalities a bit. In viewing our ultrasounds, our boy is all ready like Nick, like, ‘Here I am, take my picture or don’t, and our girl is coyly facing the other way, like, ‘No pictures,’ waiting for a proper debut.

“I took some ultrasound footage of them in the womb that I think they’ll definitely find interesting later in life.”

Mariah also revealed in her OK magazine (pictured above) why she thinks husband Nick Cannon will make a great father.

“Nick is so excited about being a father. He already has this natural talent with children, they take to him right away. He’s so nurturing, loving and fun.

“He definitely will be a hands-on dad. He already reads stories to my tummy.” Mariah is expected to give birth to her twins in a few weeks.

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