Saturday, February 6th, 2016

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9 Black Celebrities Who Rejected The One Drop Rule

tiger woods

Early in golfer Tiger Woods’ career when the media asked him if he was Black, he went out of his way to construct his own racial group saying that he was “Cablinasian.” Woods said he developed the term because he is a mix of several races.

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  1. Mayasir Aziza says:

    Keyshia…You are black honey. dot com.

  2. Neil Nelson says:

    Amen to that!

  3. OhNo not the brown paper bag trick

  4. Insidious Outfit says:

    lol wow


  6. They should all go to a klan rally and see how mixed they are and see how many times the word nigger is used. stupid ass people…

  7. man these people want to perpetuate black stereotypes in black skin get the glory and money from "selling out" and then remove themselves from the negative connotations by saying they aint black… fuck yall. Fuck you guys real talk and don't a dare none of yall say the N-word again #realtalk

  8. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    I say FUCK em all!! and black people STOP patronizing them….Then we can REALLY show them how black they are NOT if thats what they want!

  9. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:


  10. Talitha Russell says:

    I just think its funny they go out of their way to say they aren't black but they love appealing to and taking the money of black audiences….smh. Whats wrong with being black…I love it and embrace it.

  11. when you get through talking one drop of black blood you are considered black. I suggest you be proud because the most high is black also.

  12. As a people we are all fucked up with absolutely no unity who cares if you are mixed so sad denying who you are.

  13. If you think about each of these dumbasses, not a single one of them have the education to recognize the fact that no matter WHERE they go, no one's looking at them or finding them "appealing" because "they SEEM to be" what they ignorantly call "bi-racial". What they need to do is bi-cycle their backward asses to an institute of higher education and finish getting their diplomas.

  14. Why try to be a black model in a caucasian industry of pure wickedness? You should only be modeling for your husband and not being a vain whore for the world 7 times over and if you love this evil world, then stop complaining about how the caucasian race do or don't except you for your powerful negro features. Love who the CREATOR MADE you to be period and stop begging for their acceptance and approval of what true beauty is.

  15. Just take a look in the mirror it will tell all of you what you are you can't hide the off you face

  16. Rochelle Harris says:

    Soo, I was saw this article on a friend's FB page.. I am not African American or even American… but I agree with you. It's similar to Miley Cyrus using African Americans as "props" in her nasty performances and videos. She uses the ethnicity when it suits her needs. As you say, like a lot of these artists- they're OK with pandering to their chosen demographic or even using it to boost their image when it suits their needs and they profit from it, yet won't claim it. Shitty, and it all just perpetuates racism.

  17. Stop buying what they selling whateva that might be and I bet they get blacker than Kunta Kinte.

  18. Shehannie Wong says:

    I really had to take a step back and laugh at the ignorance. I'm astounded at Rihanna and Keyshia. But Zoe: "there is no such thing as people of color?" Is she stupid? Typical Dominican mindset. Black as midnight but reject their African roots. Crazy.

  19. Lauren Kirsten says:

    You do everything the black way…you're black.

  20. i laughed so hard at your comment

  21. Yusuf Salaam says:

    YAWN negroes need to get with the time. find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and they'll find out just what they are.

  22. Shalom my brother, that's TRUTH right there !!!

  23. Yusuf Salaam says:

    They all full of cow s!@#$, horse s!@# and bull s!@#$ . JUST SO YOU GUYS KNOW FYI I'm not black because you know my great great great grandma got raped by this irish guy so I'm like 0.000018% Irish yall. and my great great grandma's aunt well she was molested by this russian man so that means I have some russian in me. . just so you know. I dont know if that makes me bi-racial but i'm not black. LOL. HOw stupid do i sound? Negro please. You black.

  24. all these idiots should ask Michael Jackson about the 'establishment.' Tiger must be blind to the fact that the very 'establishment' is doing all in its power to stop him breaking Jack Nicklaus' record. frankly i don't give a damn about house niggers!

  25. Is Melanie Fiona for real with that comment… I heard about this a while back she is an ass. I was born with a full head of hair! I was too and I'm 100% black not only black i'm Haitian and I have long hair. SMH

  26. There is nothing wrong stating that one is biracial. In their household they probably were told to inbrace each ethnicity. Its society that wants to put them in a check box and the industry.

  27. Patrick Tyrone Hightower right! let them go "fit in" with their nonblack counterparts…… oh wait aminute they dont. like why you wanna deny the people that gone show you love no matter what shade of dark you are? its so baffling. i just don't get it. F**k em ALL! I'm done

  28. Kezia Poindexter says:

    If she's not Black then maybe she shouldn't profit from Black music. Actually, maybe she should stop making Black music. She should play the fiddle or some shit, that's white enough.

  29. Let them ride through the "South"! I'm sure they'll let them know what color they are!

  30. Nobody wants to be black…except me? I wouldn't have it any other way.

  31. Everybody want to be mixed now or days.

  32. thank you! white people will smile in your face call you a nigga to yo back. at least black people gone call you a nigga to yo face. like i said i'm done but clearly i'm not. this is so upsetting to me for some reason. i like thought we were past this self-hate/color-hate/white-washedness/ w/e you wanna call it but obviously not

  33. Childof Judah says:

    What is preposterous is being asked to identify with your skin colour when your heritage is mixed!!! All of you apparently missed the topic of this article- Celebrities who rejected the One Drop Rule. No one asks (apparently) Caucasian people "how does it feel to be successful and white?" because it is a ridiculously ignorant thing to ask. Why is there a focus on someone's skin colour just because they are of a darker hue? What impact does that really have on talent or work ethic? And they are all right in maintaining that not identifying with any one particular race makes them accessible to a wider audience. At the end of the day, we are all human. It's not just black girls who rock- ALL girls rock. It's 2013; we ought to be so far removed from racism by now!

  34. African people in America want to be everything else but African.

  35. black is a social construct. Its a description society gives darker people primarily with African descent. you might be mixed, but when you go to catch a cab, you're black.

  36. From what I have read, it is "Ignorant", among other words, for a person a multiple races to claim or accept any other ethnic background that they might come from if they have any black in them. This is being said with an arrogance and a view that the black race is superior to all other races. Who are any of you to tell a person from different races, which race they should claim and which race they should reject? Where is all the love and tolerance? All I have seen is hate and contempt.

  37. this is a ridiculous article smh. I must have missed something because to me.. I didn't actually gather that they were denying anything but more so expressing what makes them diverse.

  38. Shakka Zulu says:

    All these MF's are Black, Keisha said she does not know her father, but yet she's claiming to be biracial, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Rihanna's mother is black as coal and her father is one of them high yella negro, so what the hell is she talking about being biracial? These niggas all need their fucking heads examined..The only ones in this group who're mixed are Drake and Halle who both have white mothers and Melanie Fiona is also mixed since her father is a "coolie", an East Indian from Guyana and her mother is Black, all them other crusty ninjas need to sit their dusty asses in a damn corner for real, especially that black as the ace of spades fool claiming to be "Mexican"…Mexico is a geographical location and not a race nor ethnicity for a people you damn fool

  39. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    i guess her ghetto ass sister aint black either!

  40. Patrick Tyrone Hightower Furthermore Furthermore…. Your ass is black when it is convenient. Zoe Saladana playing NINA SIMONE( I am NOW a black Latina) you think you are going to grab that Oscar in black face…. playing one of the most soulful Afrocentric characters in American history…bitch please….when I found that out i was livid hunty LIVID.

  41. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    Ashley Toodope Jordan Haah!

  42. Patrick Tyrone Hightower says:

    oh dont trip girl! this goes to the so called "mixed"boys out there too!….

  43. Am a British Nigerian. Lived in Britain for years, once in Barnet and now in Essex , predominantly white neighbourhoods, and yet the only time i knew i was black was when i spent a week in Anaheim California USA. I've come to realise skin colour is a demon in America begging to be exorcised!!!Frankly i don't who's possessed, the white or the black folks…or both!!!!!!!

  44. it matters not what your parents or grandparents are.what you pop out looking like,thats what you are.and they all look black to me. i understand knowing your heritage i guess,but they are just holding on to it so that they can say 'no i aint black,im mixed and that makes me special'.

  45. Mary HappyboutmyNappy says:

    LOL! Damn good reply.

  46. You don't get the point do you?

  47. Mary HappyboutmyNappy says:

    They are blacks that want to be something other than black. We are the only race that continues to separate ourselves. Light-skinned, dark-skinned, mixed, bi-racial at the end of the day other races still see you as BLACK.

  48. Mary HappyboutmyNappy says:

    They are blacks that want to be something other than black. We are the only race that continues to separate ourselves. Light-skinned, dark-skinned, mixed, bi-racial at the end of the day other races still see you as BLACK.

  49. Am a British Nigerian. Lived in Britain for years, once in Barnet and now in Essex , predominantly white neighbourhoods, and yet the only time i knew i was black was when i spent a week in Anaheim California USA. I've come to realise skin colour is a demon in America begging to be exorcised!!!Frankly i don't who's possessed, the white or the black folks…or both!!!!!!!

  50. Yolanda Harrell says:

    oh well if they don't wanna own it so be it at the end of the day we know they black

  51. Most of them are low self esteemed, inferiority complexed idoits who do not realize how rich and powerful it means to have African roots in you, they ride the crest of "black" greatness when it suits them, but they are all of a sudden confused and develop racial amnesia when it comes to identifying themselves how pathetic can one be? Most of these folks are so braiwashed in self denialism through years of exposure to white supremacy in the arts, economy,media etc.. no wonder most african descendents in the diaspora spend more time looking for how much European or Indian genes and ancestory they have in them than their actual African heritage itself. If you look African no matter how many times your may have been turned into a confused molecule, then you most probably are, that is why the African gene is the dominant gene!

  52. Charlena Ippolito says:

    one drop rule? whats that?

  53. Devan Clark says:

    Thats our fault..we just shouldnt buy thier stuff and then let them go be with the people they think they look so much like..

  54. Walk into a Klan meeting and try telling them that!!!

  55. Childof Judah says:

    "One drop of black makes you black". It's how whites separated us according to lineage, what resulted in mulatos, quadroons and octoroons…it's stupid that we're still buying into this.

  56. Devan Clark says:

    She just married the blondest white dude on the planet,so when they are in interracial relationships they tend to tun from the race thing..and your right,here in NYC,I talk to crazy Dominicans all the time,they hate thier black side..

  57. Charlena Ippolito says:

    i gotta drop of everything lmao

  58. Devan Clark says:

    The South??..You mean right here in NYC,where Bloomberg said people that look like them should be stopped and frisked..The South is all over America when your Black.

  59. Childof Judah says:

    How about you let us know when the next Klan rally is and we can all go? Smmfh…

  60. Jenya Walters says:

    Im on the fence about this. Im pro black all the way, but many people who are born half black dont seem to have the option to identify as anything else but black, and I dont think that is fair. Anyone of any racial or ethnic background should feel proud of their heritage.
    I just dislike the fact that some of these celebrities are separating themselves from being racially black because it seems like theyre doing so in an effort to seem more favorable.
    Either way people have the right to claim themselves as what ever they want.

  61. All I have to say is look at how our president has been treated… republicans are on record as saying "We want Obama to fail as president"… you think it matters to them that he is bi-racial?

  62. Childof Judah says:

    Thank you. So do I. I don't self-identify as "black". I'm a person. My skin color is as irrelevant as the color of my blood. After eveything we've beem through it's sad that we still feed ourselves into the machine of mental slavery, and then blame the "other" for it? Foolishness!

  63. Shelley Wright says:

    It is interesting alot of bi-racial (to include a mixture of African decent) people shy away from their 'ethnic' side (black side) of their DNA to the 'other' side all the while forgetting the 'other' side will never be fully accepted into their ethnic circles…Glad my black azz aint got these problems

  64. Charlena Ippolito says:

    its not even black its mocha or caramel complexion! lmao

  65. All of you motherfucker are BLACK those whites said if you have an ounce of negro blood in your veins yo ass are BLACK get over it you are BLACK………….

  66. The way you're reading it that the way I meant it.( THANK YOU )

  67. The way you're reading it that the way I meant it.( THANK YOU )

  68. It's interesting, because I do recall that the African genetics are the strongest on the planet…and these genetics are also the oldest on the planet. At a time there was one landmass and one people. Everything else is a hybrid from the original. People think that claiming these genetics makes them seem lowly because of the state in which our people have been in since we fell asleep. It's cool, they just don't know who they are. The folks who run shit know what the deal is. Watch Hidden Colors 1&2, great documentary.

  69. Lol luv it!!

  70. Exactly sister! They don't understand that the African gene is the domonant gene, that is why most so called "bi-racial"children end up with mostly African features and in the way they look!

  71. I mean, if folks knew what the Temple of Seti I had on it (the four races of men), I think people's perspectives might be a bit different.

  72. Most of them are low self esteemed, inferiority complexed idoits who do not realize how rich and powerful it means to have African roots in you, they ride the crest of "black" greatness when it suits them, but they are all of a sudden confused and develop racial amnesia when it comes to identifying themselves how pathetic can one be? Most of these folks are so braiwashed in self denialism through years of exposure to white supremacy in the arts, economy,media etc..No wonder most African descendents in the diaspora spend more time looking for how much European or Indian genes and ancestory they have in them than their actual African heritage itself. There is a lot of negativity a bad that is associated with Africa and and Africans themselves, hence the need to disassociate themselves from it, I dont blame them it is the easy route to follow and deny your Africaness. If you look African no matter how many times your may have been turned into a confused molecule, then you most probably are, that is why the African gene is the dominant gene! Anyway stop giving them the attention that they seek, there are close to a billion Africans in africa alone never mind in the diaspora who are proud and happy to be Africans, so why fret over a few pointless devotees of ignorance? Africa is slowly regaining it's glory on the wold stage although mostly below the radar as there is still a lot negativity and propaganda that is spread through the Western media and pretty soon these hypocryites will be claiming African glory just as they are claiming not to be ones today because it is not "cool" to do so!

  73. saying I'm mixed is not denying the one drop rule, it's actually acknowledging it! they are saying "I'm not just black, I'm black and something else." which is true. just like its an insult to deny your african heritage, its also insulting to deny any other part of who you are. it's funny who you literally chose people who are biracial. of course they are going to say i'm just black, that's ignorant!! the only person that slightly denied it is tiger woods.

  74. Hassie Bannarn Betz says:

    Ok. These people are of mixed heritage. So whatever else they are mixed with is fine and acceptable to them. They just aren't crazy about the black part. Lolsssssssssss! Odd, but from what I've seen the roles they are offered in the movies are pretty much for black characters. I don't think any of these women would have been invited to auditioned to play Princess Diana or Marilyn Monroe in a movie! That should give them a clue.

  75. Really, Rihanna can be stupid at times , so I never take her words against her, because there are so many times she said "she was black ".. I .

  76. Kouanda Razac says:

    Absolutely false ! So in ur unconstructed logic yellawolf , eminem n em …. Are blks then ?

  77. Kouanda Razac says:

    N by the way wats doin evrthng in the blk way supposed to mean ?

  78. Kouanda Razac says:

    Wat a fuckin illogical thoughts . Wat makes the blk gene dominant than the white gene n wat makes the mixed hybrids blacker than whi
    te ? Yes mixed is a mixed not blk

  79. These mutts always have someone to tell them what they really are. Just ask the brotherhood

  80. These mutts always have someone to tell them what they really are. Just ask the brotherhood

  81. At first I was thinking these people are full of it but then I though black is a racial term just as the n word is so if they want to identify with more than on race so be it lets erase the racism and really grow as species.

  82. N its gonna be funny as hell when the BLACK in them shows itself in some of the children that will be born lmaoo

  83. Mwariama Kamau says:

    They don't want to be Black and they won't let them be white. These Negroes would rather declare themselves mongrels than identify with their heritage. They are shameful political opportunists who dishonor all who sacrificed for them. May they reap the divine retribution (aka Ni_ _er Wake-Up Call) reserved for all who betray their blessings.

  84. Mwariama Kamau says:
  85. Daniel Gaskins says:

    Drake is right about one thing, he is mixed up!

  86. Why do we are we not all fighting for a non racially biased society. Dont you think the less we see race, we will all eventually be 'mixed' race? Just a question, if a person has a black dad and white mom. Is born blond with blue eyes and is a white as can be. Is raised by her white mom. Are they 'white'?

  87. I am sorry for them, they don't know the history of America as it relationship with race. Wait until they face race issues and see where they are going to be. I call it beauty and ignorant.

  88. Tiger J Perkins says:

    idk this actually kinda disgusted me a lil haha especially that model girls comments and then the last girl fiona idk like zoe saldana has already said 50,000 times that she is afro cuban and puerto rican so if people are still asking then her response makes sense but everyone else idk what the heck to think cant get with it

  89. Ingrid Burroughs says:

    They'll never do that as long as there's a music, movie, or reality show deal waiting. It's about making money money and more money. Forget the basics.

  90. Tteerraance Ppuugghh says:

    First of all you cannot put all these celebrities in the same category. You have people saying different things here. There should be no problem with what Keyshia Cole, Drake, Halle Berry, Kid Cudi said, they gave the facts. They are not saying they are not black here, nor can you read their minds to see if they don't want to be black. Melanie Fiona said something you don't want to here but even she is not saying she is not black, fact. Now Devyn said she wasn't black but I think she was trying to mean that she know she is black (her incorrect reference to ethnicity) but she doesn't consider herself to be a dark as opposed to lighter skin model. If that is what she was trying to say people still don't liker her saying she is light skinned, I know.

  91. Tteerraance Ppuugghh says:

    Now Rihanna said she wasn't black (assuming the article is not misquoting her). But who is to say that she doesn't think that black means both of your parents are 100% black? She says she is not black she is mixed but for a person to say they are mixed instead of white, asian, indian or whatever, that is still, STILL admitting that you have black in you. For a person to admit that they are mixed or bi racial that is an admission that they have black in them right? Exactly. So for a person to say they are mixed or biracial and not black, you really need to sit down and have a long conversation with them and see how they define things and see what they are talking about before you judge them. It is not saying that Tiger is not black. It is saying Tiger said he was a combination of things, can't shoot the messenger there. Zoe's statements sound the worse, yea she sounds like an uncle tom there. But remember, it's not about what these people say, people don't know how to express themselves and tell you what they really mean, it's about what they think they are saying, not about what they are saying. That's why only God can judge them correctly.

  92. The reality is that most of them identify with being black for work, especially in a stratified industry like entertainment, while simultaneously acknowledging the perks of being mixed/ambiguous. The title of the article is "9 Black Celebrities who Rejected the One Drop Rule" not "9 Black Celebrities who Reject Being Black." Keyshia is straight from Oakland, which is full of black and all kinds of mixed people. She was raised by her black family but looks quite different from them and that prolly had an impact on how she identifies. She doesn't have a problem being a regular in Black hair magazines so I'm confused about her issue with the Black Girls Rock show. Zoe is saying she's tired of her identity being a constant topic. Halle is saying that being white-black mixed has cultural perks of knowing how to interact with the two groups. Zoe and Halle have said explicitly that they identify as Black women, and that's prolly bc they work in alot of black roles in this industry. Drake is benefiting from his diversity – J. Cole just said something almost identical and it's true. Google it. Caribbean and South American cultures don't ascribe to the "One-Drop Rule" and accept people for being mixed and it is not a denial of being black, but seen as part of the African diaspora. RIhanna is half Black-Guyanese and Indo-Barbadian and much of her no talent success is related to her crossover look. Melanie Fiona said what alot of people think which is that mixed hair grows more. She's ignorant for that statement bc many unmixed blacks are born with full heads of hair. People are upset bc these performers have acknowledged some cultural differences and are going against us being some "monolithic" group who thinks and is treated ONE way. Part of the anger is that they have good positions in the industry under the black category where there are so few spots.

  93. Michael Jenkins says:

    Blacks are so demonized that many people look for any escape they can get from the stereotype!

  94. Ah…We're Africans!

  95. I always thought the "one drop rule" was ridiculous. It amazes me that people have put so much emphasis on race that the millions of people in this country who are bi-racial have been made to feel as though they don't have an "identity" – I'm glad many are breaking out of that mindset and embracing their own special individuality. And quite honestly, I think bi-racial people are the best-looking people!

  96. REAL TALK!!

  97. Devan Clark Boycott, shut'em Down.

  98. Our people will perish due to lack of Knowledge, these so called celebs will appease white people for the Dollar, everyone wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die. House Niggas, White Niggas, Sellouts. Drake is a Buster and his Music is Wack.

  99. W Shawn Osborne says:

    you don't ever hear white folks in droves claiming that they one quarter black. and mexican, puerto rican, american are nationalities, could be considered cultures at a stretch, but they are not races, these fools always doing their best to dilute themselve, smfh…

  100. Secola Foster Edwards says:

    I believe Halle was quoted out of context. She has said on numerous occasions that she prescirbes to the 'one drop rule' and was raised as a black person by her white mother. She calls herself black, not bi-racial; even though she very much is.

  101. Sian Galloway says:

    They are mixed and whats the big deal. Who are we to say what they are?

  102. Jemerson Jeme Flynn says:

    Lmao !

  103. I work in a neighborhood with many Latinos, when I go into a store people start speaking Spanish to me. I asked a Puerto Rican guy why this was and he said "you look Dominican. Dominicans are black." So they can run away from their black heritage as much as they want, but it's not going to work!

    BTW, Zoe Saldana is a lousy actress and I am deeply offended that she was picked to play Nina Simone. I hope that movie TANKS!

  104. Ashley Toodope Jordan – Please don't see this sheet and encourage your friends and family to boycott it too! Indie Arie would have been perfect for the part, she is dark-skinned and has that amazing contralto voice just like Nina but they had to put this beatch Zoe in blackface and it looks awful! Also Nina had a full voluptuous figure and Zoe is skinny as hell. The whole thing is ludicrous!

  105. You are entitled to your opinion but I think Drake looks like an ugly Jewish guy with dark skin.

  106. I don't have a problem with people saying they are mixed, but it just seems that many are hostile to their black side.

  107. Um, so there's no color prejudice in Britain? What is the National Front, a figment of my imagination?

  108. Shehannie Wong says:

    Melissa Tulin Zoe has no business or place playing Nina Simone. Whatsoever!!!!

  109. Many Mexicans dislike black people, let his black azz go to Mexico — not the tourist areas, where they are halfway nice, but in the interior where there are NO tourists — and see how he is treated.

  110. Lolo Malenga says:

    Why do Black people want so badly to claim mixed people as members of the Black race? Do you get a tax break for them or what?

  111. Shakka Zulu says:

    Melissa Tulin He also needs to ask the late Malcolm Latif Shabazz, grandson of El Hajj Malik Shabazz about how he made out venturing in Mexico City as a well known Black man, Oh sorry, he's not alive to recount his horrible experience at the hands of them Mexicans that many misguided Black fools think are our damn cousins we need to picket for immigration reforms so they can jump ahead of the Haitians and other Blacks who've been waiting their damn turns in line to immigrate the legal way to the US

  112. Linda Rochon-Bey says:

    Mr. Washington, you hit the nail on the head.


  114. She's black enough to receive those royalities coming in from black fans, she don't want to be black. We all are biracial damn it! mixed with everybody else blood from wherever. She's sicken. Exclude her in all Black Award winnings. Than let's see if she'll finally wake the hell up.

  115. After reading over the comments here, I realize there is a very different way of looking at this than where I was coming from. So yeah, I don't see why they wouldn't embrace their African heritage as much as any other part – every race has its great features, and no race is "better" than another. I was thinking more about the bi-racial people I've known who said they had a hard time finding an "identity" because of so much emphasis on race in this country. I read that even President Obama said he felt that way when he was young, and I think that's too bad. We each have so much more to our "identity" than just our race.

  116. Lauren Kirsten says:

    Kouanda Razac LOL, race and ethnicity are not the exact same thing just like sex and gender are not the same thing. Race is biologically who you are. Your ethnicity is your bio and who you relate to. Most of these people on this list relate to being black so therefore, they are, black.

  117. We are the original people of the planet earth all people come from us because we are the only ones who process two germ cells that produces colors light and dark. If people are too naive to understand that science backs that claim. Argue or disagree if you like but you waste time doing that . Do your research.

  118. We are not a race , because race is against time , we are the first and the last which is forever. ( alpha and omega).

  119. We are not a race , because race is against time , we are the first and the last which is forever. ( alpha and omega).

  120. Elle Odoba says:

    God bless you Mayasir Aziza !!

  121. They still doing amateur night?..I want to start going again I heard it was back on as Apollo live…or something?

  122. You are very right,I went to Guadalajara back 2010 and I was walking thru this shopping district and this little Mexican kid pointed to me and said in spanish (YOUR SKIN IS BLACK AND DIRTY BECAUSE YOU DONT TAKE BATHS)..Mexicans are very racist and not to mention envious of black people.always in constant competition with us..They have Mexican rappers,R@B artist,they keep hoping a Mexican will one day beat us in Boxing.This one Mexican told me that,Mexicans deserve citizenship more than Black people because they work harder than us and that he believes white people prefer them here over are really messed up in thier thinking..

  123. Devin Weaver says:

    whooo! hot topic, mr james. in my understanding/experience race is a construction, but the recognition of the social discrimination/impacts of one's phenotype don't go away when folks like those in the article say "I'm not black." it definitely is a testament to how limited/boxed in our recognition of identity is in this country. people want others to be one thing or another, forgetting that we all live on a broad and diverse spectrum. it makes me reflect on how people from severely oppressed populations have attempted to "pass" by rejecting one part of themselves for the more socially accepted "white" part. i dream of a world where we can all articulate and recognize that we are many things, all of which are equal, precious, and beautiful. that being said, in a hugely unjust and racist world, it makes sense that celebrities are pushing away from their "black" halves/parts.

  124. Devin Weaver says:

    Also, i fear that rejecting a part of one's self detracts from others who cannot/do not claim multi-racial identity. As if being black were something to hide or be ashamed of. As an outsider who can never fully understand the pain of racial hatred, I have a desire to fight back against racist media, rather than deny black identity.

  125. QueenPhoenix Shi'Mekkah Jones says:
  126. Shakka Zulu says:

    Devan Clark They're not messed up in their thinking since they're the damn bastards of the Spanish conquistadors, same way we have them "$5 dollar dress up indians" on these reservation, bastards of Europeans pretending to be native american while collecting reparations from us who're their damn victims of racism..These MoFos knows how to work the damn system to their advantage very well while getting many of their victims to sympathize and picket for them to illegally enter into a nation build by Blacks/Afrikans whom they're now calling lazy, they need to GTFOOHWTBS…

  127. Miranda Hairston says:

    They consider themselves everything BUT black. How mixed up is that???? Doesn't matter what they CONSIDER themselves…we know EXACTLY what they are.

  128. Mixed as in ethic backgrounds, but yes, rises ladies are black wether they like it or not:)

  129. Queenq Yisrael I will say living in the BX,NY I have many friends that are Dominican and they do hate being called black. I am loving the fact that YOU embrace it, I hope you can teach some of the closed minded.

  130. I( am still on the floor lmao days later

  131. It is sad when we have a problem with who we are!

  132. Halle didn't have a problem claiming black when she got that damn award! She was all sistah then! Keyshia don't even know who here damn daddy is. She is mixed with black and invisible cause that daddy of hers is a straight GHOST! If Zoe a$$ ain't black why she trynna play Nina Simone? Only black when it benefits them. It's all good cause let's see how much those "other" sides welcome them. Once you leave black, we don't want cha back.

  133. KEYSHIA!!! Im so sleep off you. Boo ur name is KEYSHIA and COLE……dont get no blacker

  134. Well, I wouldn't say that. Asians, particularly South Asians, are very color-conscious. Most people in India are brown-skinned, but just look at a "Bollywood" film — everyone is light-skinned, some even have light colored eyes. Indians really worship white folks. I was reading some comments about the new Miss America, who is Indian. Some Indians were talking about how dark she is, and she isn't even that dark.

    Also, I know that Latinos are not a race, but they are very color-conscious as well. Just look at Spanish-speaking television. More white people, and the women are often (bleached) blondes. I traveled to Mexico once to the Yucatan Peninsula, which is full of short Mayans who are darker than me. But all the people in the high-end hotels and restaurants and on television were light-skinned.

    Of course, not all Indians and Latinos are that way, but plenty of them are!

  135. Am fine with being black!

  136. I hear you. Of course not all Mexicans are racist azzholes but many are. In Cali the Mexican gangs are driving black folks out of their neighborhood sand have even killed some of us and what the hell have we ever done to them? You see I wear my hair natural, I was walking along the street, minding my own business, and some Mexicans (or Guatamelans or some other short troll-like brown-skinned things) pointed at me and said "negra" and started laughing. I don't speak Spanish but I could tell from the way they were talking they were making fun of me. Funny, I know many Puerto Ricans, some are racist but they get along better with black people than those border jumpers. I wonder what the hell their problem is!

  137. Well my mother's great great great great great, etc. grandfather was Irish so I am going to march in the St Patty's Day parade and join the Ancient Order of Hibernians!

  138. The one drop rule is the SLAVEHOLDER"S rule. Don't get so self-righteous and pro-Black about defending it!

  139. Some black folks are ridiculous all of the look mixed with nigga and mo nigga that's it

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