Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Top 6 Ways You Can Destroy Your Relationship


Its in our human nature to be defensive when challenged or criticized by others because we never want to be wrong. The situation is worsen when its our partner giving us the feedback because we fear they have found a flaw. The immediate reaction is to charge up our defensive mechanism. Being defensive prevents you from accepting valuable feedback. However, your defensive attitude can destroy your relationship because these conversations could end up in unnecessary arguments or conflicts because you are trying so hard to validate yourself. Next time, listen carefully to what your man is saying, thank him for the feedback, and find the positives in his comments. You might find out its coming from a good place.

We are not perfect and commit one or more of these mistakes from time to time. Self-awareness really is very important so take note of these actions and be careful not to destroy your relationships. These tips can be applied to different types of relationships; personal, family, etc.

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