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Sunday, April 26th, 2015

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Robin Thicke Discourages Black Women From Dating White Men

R&B singer Robin Thicke recently admitted during an interview with Essence Magazine that dating his African American wife Paula Patton for more than 18 years was one of the driving forces behind his successful music career.

Although Thicke’s wife Paula is bi-racial, he continued by confessing that he in fact has never dated a white woman. Thicke also stated that he’s broken relationship with his mother and Paula’s with her father allows them to lean on each other (and their adorable son Julian Fuego who was born this past April) for love and support.

Paula, who is currently promoting her biggest role to date starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, is not only known for her skills as an actress but her slamming body as well.     Paula recently posed semi nude for GQ Magazine where she discussed the physical strains regarding her new role.   But when Essence asked Thicke about what he considered his wife’s sexiest quality, he surprisingly responded;

“It’s her intelligence and her strength. I’ve never met a stronger person who stands by their will and their moral values.”

Thicke continued by stating that race was something of a hurdle towards the beginning of their relationship.

“I met her and we were 16 years old and she was the president of the Black student union and I was just a silly White boy who didn’t understand or have compassion.”

When asked how he felt regarding the media’s opinion that African American women are better off dating white men, Thicke responded;

“I think that’s ridiculous. There are so many good Black men out there that are hardworking, decent, and handsome, you know? To start that rumor is as bad as starting any other negative rumor.”

He then continues with a slight laugh;

“There are great Black men out there. There are only a few good White men — trust me.”

Thicke also switched his focus by claiming some black woman may need to humble themselves if they wish to find quality black men.

“Good luck finding a good White man who understands your journey. I only have three White friends. I’ve got 20 Black male friends, who are all good men who take good care of their wives, and good care of their children. I know amazing Black men. Maybe the women have to take better care of their men. Maybe you’re being too stubborn. Maybe you’re not saying you’re sorry. You have to take good care of him, too. You have to give love to get love.”

Interesting indeed….Be sure to check out Robin Thicke’s full interview on Essence.com for more juicy highlights.


  1. Finally a white man who is honest about black women dating white men.

  2. You can tell Robin was just saying this to appease his black fans and his black male friends he has. It’s ashame that he has to throw his own race under the bus to keep an image. Im black and my boyfriend is white and he even said that Robin didn’t seem sincere. Only a few good white men? There are good men in every race. He didn’t to put his own down in order to uplift black men.

  3. “You can tell Robin was just saying this to appease his black fans and his black male friends he has. It’s ashame that he has to throw his own race under the bus to keep an image. Im black and my boyfriend is white”

    that’s said how disillusioned black women are. he’s telling the honest truth but you believe it’s appeasement. appeasing his black fans? pretty sure black women buy his album more than black men.

  4. What is up with black magazines and talks show hosts such as Chelsey trying to get these nothing to do with anything celebs to talk on matters on black relationships, the black community, and what people should and should not do. It has to stop, it makes everyone involved look dumb. What, they don’t have brains to be able to come up with interesting helpful questions about what’s going on in the celebs own life, with their own careers, instead of these sensationalized stories to pull in readers.

    Lack of writing talent is all I am getting from these stupid pointless interviews.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The title of this article is ridiculous and stupid.
    Robin thick encourages black women to date black men (he does not discourage them to date white men, how grotesque!). Actually he is just fighting some stereotypes about "race" (a horrible concept) and relationships. And he fights a major insult to black American men whom are constantly being told that they worth nothing.
    All human beings are the same.
    And believe me Robin Thick is just saying anyone can date anyone regardless any difference. He talks about love and cultural context.
    Stop dividing people! Do not spreading misunderstandings and hate. Enough!
    An African Man in Paris.

  6. he made a great comment and addresed the most important issue but he left to use his influence to talk about the unite of all mankind black and white orange and etc, he forgot also to talk about respect to all races of mankind and finally love to all mankind, every man can marry a soul mate found wether a white man or black man or orange, lets be together with peace and respect and love…

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