‘Hit Me with That Motherf****** Cart One More Time’: Black Man Checks Two ‘Karens’ Caught Harassing Him In Costco, Bystander Filming Incident Also Targeted

A video going viral on TikTok shows two white women harassing a Black man in Costco, then turning their temper on the bystander who filmed the encounter.

TikTok user @sisesjugo started recording the interaction after it began. In the video, viewers can see two women with a cart standing closely behind a Black man in a long checkout line inside a Costco store.

As the line moves forward, the women close in on the man and appear to bump him in the back. Visibly angered by the behavior, the man spins around and scolds the woman pushing the cart, alluding to the fact that she bumped him before.

“Hit me with that motherf****** cart one more time, I’m gonna punch you in your f****** face,” the man said. “Back the f*** off of me!”

The woman pushing the cart continues to follow closely behind the man and he turns around again to tell her to back off.

Viewers can hear the woman and man begin to argue before the woman recording video of the exchange steps in to defend the man.

“Lady you need to stop, you’ve been harassing him this whole time,” the bystander said.

“Thank you,” the man said.

“I wasn’t harassing him,” the woman responded with a smile.

In the caption, @sisesjugo explained that just before she began recording the encounter, both women accused the man of cutting them in line when he only stepped aside from his cart to grab an item from a nearby shelf.

The man continues to loudly protest their behavior and another woman who appears to be the friend or daughter of the woman pushing the cart dismisses him and tells him, “We’re done.”

At that point, a Costco employee approaches the two women to ask what happened and the bystander intervenes again.

“She’s been harassing him the entire time,” the bystander said.

After the employee walks away, the women start berating the bystander recording the video.

“You can turn your camera off,” the lady pushing the cart said.

“Nah, I’ll just wait,” the bystander said.

A couple of minutes pass before the other woman turns around to criticize the bystander again.

“I just wondered, do you just have that out all the time while you’re going through the store?” the woman asked.

“No, just when people are harassing others,” the bystander answered.

As the women attempt to confront the bystander further, she ignores them and they start snapping their fingers at her.

The video was posted on Wednesday and garnered nearly 17 million views overnight. Many commenters praised the bystander for speaking up in the man’s defense.

“Shout out to the lady recording! So calm so mature, she put them on notice and stood her ground. I hate he had to deal with them,” one person commented.

“The Costco employee immediately assumed he was the aggressor and they needed protection from him,” another person said.

“Lmaoooooo karen & karen marie,” someone else wrote.

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