‘Who Do You Think You’re Talking to?: 13-Year-Old Stands Up to Disgruntled Passenger Who Yells, Curses At His Mother for Delaying JetBlue Flight Over ‘Too Many Kids’

Passengers experienced turbulence before take-off on a recent JetBlue flight when a mother and son duo found themselves in a heated argument with a man for simply existing.

Video footage taken by another passenger who goes by the name Chanel Morel on Instagram shows the moments a disgruntled passenger tells a woman and her son to “shut the f—k up” after believing they were the reason his flight kept getting delayed. The mom and son didn’t mince words when responding to his disrespect.

According to Morel’s interview with PPV Tahoe, the dust-up occurred at John F. Kennedy Airport on a flight headed to the Dominican Republic. Chanel said it really wasn’t the woman’s fault because they had already been delayed multiple times when a flight attendant noticed the mother with her 13-year-old son and two infants.

‘Shut the F—k Up’: Chaos Erupts on JetBlue Flight After Man Accuses Woman of Delaying Their Flight By Bringing 'Too Many Kids,' Teen Son Steps In to Defend Mom
Woman faces off with another passenger on a JetBlue flight after he cusses at her and her 13-year-old son. (Photo: Instagram/karollchanel)

The flight attendant informed the woman that one of the infants — who was being held by the 13-year-old — had to be with another adult, told the pilot, and the plane had to return to the gate once again. It was at this point another passenger offered to hold the infant for the duration of the flight.

“When we got back to the gate, the guy holding the baby in the video offered to take the baby for the flight if the mom was OK with it and she said yes, so they went to change the baby under his name,” Morel explained.

“As soon as the issue was resolved and we were about to take off, the dude starts going crazy and yells at her, ‘You stupid a—b—ch! You the reason why we been here for so long! Shut the f—k up!’ blah blah and that’s when her son got mad like, ‘Don’t talk to my mother like that!’”

After the man yells at her son, the video footage shows the mother fearlessly matching the man’s energy and telling him to be quiet. Then the mother calls the man “stupid” as well as some other names in Spanish.

Her son then runs to his mother’s aid before the crew can get them all to settle down. “Please take your seats. Please clear the aisles,” a flight attendant can be heard saying over the intercom in the background.

Users on social media had mixed reactions.

“A man arguing with a female is crazy & then disrespecting the kid is diabolical,” one Instagram user commented. “What a wank! Like traveling with kids isn’t easy, so why make her day harder than it already is?” someone else said.

“Passengers had a right to be upset. The mom should’ve known the rules, gate agents should’ve enforced the rules,” another wrote.

Another user gave props to the teenager for defending his mother but said both parties should have simmered down.

“Respect to that young man for standing up for his moms! The dude in the hat needed to chill and the mom could have used a chill pill as well come on people can’t we go or be anywhere without all the extra nonsense!? Live and let live!” the user commented.

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