‘I Should…Beat You with a Tire Iron’: Judge Refuses to Press Assault Charge Against White Mississippi Man Caught on Video Launching Racist Tirade Against Black Grandmother In Disturbing Road Rage Incident

A Black woman is working to file charges against a white driver who she caught on cellphone video hurling racial slurs, insults, and threats at her on a coastal Mississippi highway.

Neco Eley was driving on U.S. 90 in Biloxi when she spotted a silver Mercedez-Benz swerving in and out of lanes behind her and even driving on the sidewalk to cut in front of another car.

Neco Eley recorded the moments when a white man launched into a five-minute racist tirade and called her racist slurs and insults during a road rage incident in Biloxi, Mississippi. (Photos: Facebook/Neco Eley)

The 54-year-old grandmother told the Sun Herald she decided to record the driver as he pulled up behind her.

Once she sticks her cellphone out the window, a bald, white driver with black sunglasses sticks his head out of his Benz and starts yelling and cursing at her.

In the video, the man is heard saying, “F*** you, c***!” before threatening her and saying, “I should take you out that car and beat you with a tire iron. That’s what I should do.”

He told Eley to “get on a boat and take your n***** a** back to Africa” and then told her to “go get you some chitlins.”

He continued his onslaught for nearly six minutes, yelling numerous racial epithets and derogatory slurs. He ordered Eley to “eat a banana” and then asked her if she wanted “some fried chicken” and “some watermelon.”

As Eley laughed off his tirade, the man pulled beside her to call her “stupid” and “irresponsible.” He ended his flare-up by throwing up a middle finger before pulling behind her.

Eley said she was on her way to the doctor’s office when she encountered the man. Her 6-year-old grandson was in the car with her at the time. She said she laughed during the outburst to keep him in good spirits because she could see he was getting nervous.

However, when they got to the doctor’s office, he started crying.

“It’s going to be fine,” she recalled telling him, according to the Sun Herald. “It’s going to be fine.”

But she even struggled to save face. After she watched the video at her daughter’s home, she said she “broke down.”

Now, she struggles to sleep and stays at home because she fears she might see the man again.

“My mind is heavy,” Eley said.

Eley pushed local law enforcement to press charges. She filed a simple assault charge, which a judge turned down. Police agree that the man’s actions warrant charges but not assault.

Biloxi Police Captain Grandver Everett said a disturbing the peace charge would be more fitting based on the facts of the case. It reportedly carries the same penalties as simple assault, which is a $500 fine or up to six months in a county jail.

Police argue that a simple assault charge requires a present threat and said Eley could have just driven away to protect herself if the man resorted to physical violence. Eley contended that fleeing the situation wasn’t an option because she was stuck in one lane of slow traffic.

Eley said she plans to file additional charges but won’t give up on the simple assault charge.

“My justice is to see him pay for what he said to me,” Eley said.

She posted the video on her social media accounts starting on June 14. Many viewers supported and encouraged Eley while expressing outrage at the man’s actions.

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