‘Stop! Stop!’: Ohio Woman Hits Two Police Officers While Speeding Away After Fatally Crushing Her Mother with Her Car, Video Shows

A 23-year-old Cincinnati-area woman is facing murder charges for killing her mother with her car two years after she hit her boyfriend with a car after he broke up with her.

Anna Millette of Loveland is accused of using her car to pin her mother, Joyce Millette, against the garage wall of a Miami Township, Ohio, home. The 64-year-old matriarch was rushed to the hospital but later died of her injuries, Law & Crime reported.

Bodycam footage shows the moment officers commanded Millette to exit the vehicle before she sped out of the garage, knocking two of them over. In the clip, the younger Millette is behind the wheel and the horn is blaring. After noticing she looked like she was about to flee, officers tell her to get out of the car.

Ohio Woman Hits Two Police Officers While Speeding Away After Fatally Crushing Her Mother with Her Car. She’d Run Down Boyfriend Who Dumped Her Two Years Earlier
Video screenshot of Miami Township police officers trying to detain Anna Millette. (Photo: Facebook/Miami Township )

“Don’t move. Stop! Stop! Stop! Get out of the …” officers yell before Millette backs out in a haste and hits them. Millette then led police on a high-speed chase that ended after she crashed on the interstate.

“As officers arrived, trying to break out the vehicle windows to free the woman, the driver reversed and struck two officers,” police said in a statement posted to Facebook.

In addition to the aggravated murder count for her mother’s death, Millette has been charged with felonious assault for injuring the officers, as well as aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

In May 2022, Millette’s boyfriend, Timothy Escobar, sustained a head injury that bled profusely after she intentionally ran him over, according to the report made by officers who were called to the scene.

Millette pleaded guilty to the charges and served over a year in jail before being released on probation in July 2023. Escobar says he didn’t take it personally.

“She wasn’t herself, really. I didn’t take it to heart. I had to get some stitches on my face, and that’s about it. They stitched me up real good,” Escobar told Fox 19.

Escobar also said Millette had been battling mental health issues, and he and her mom had taken her to a mental hospital to try and get her admitted but failed to do so.

“Something’s been off for the past two months. She was seeing stuff and hearing stuff,” Escobar said, adding his belief that Joyce Millette would still be alive if they’d succeeded.

“It didn’t have to happen at all, definitely not,” Escobar said. “She’s not a bad person. Just, I don’t know, mental health is a bad thing. She lost it.”

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