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‘Uncle, Are You Listening’: Woman Takes Deceased 68-Year-Old Man Into Bank to Co-Sign for $3,000 Loan, Video Shows

A disturbing video shows a now-detained woman pushing a deceased man into a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil bank to co-sign a loan earlier this week.

Ericka de Souza Vieira Nunes’ alleged stunt resulted in employees calling the police, leading to her arrest on Tuesday. In the video, Nunes is seen at the Itau Bank counter with the man, who is in a wheelchair. 

Brazilian Woman Accused of Bringing Dead Man Inside Bank
Ericka de Souza Vieira Nunes is facing charges for bringing a deceased man she calls her “uncle” inside a bank to take out a loan. (@realaustinzone/X)

The man appears to be unresponsive, with his head repeatedly dropping backward. Nunes then tries to control his hand to motion it to sign the document: “Uncle, are you listening? You have to sign it. I can’t sign for you,” she said, per the Daily Mail.

“I don’t think this is legal. He doesn’t look well. He’s very pale,” an employee reportedly responded. 

Nunes brushed it off saying that he acts “like that,” and told him that if he’s sick, she’ll take him to “the hospital.” Additional footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows the accused pushing the man in a mall, before entering the bank

According to the reports, the victim was identified as 68-year-old Roberto Braga. She was allegedly trying to take about $3,000 out of the bank.

Authorities said they’re working to confirm whether Nunes and Braga are related, the outlet reported. It’s also unclear when Braga passed away, but Souza insisted it happened inside the establishment.  

Per CNN, after bank staff called the ambulance, authorities determined that he been dead for a few hours and was lifeless when he was rolled into the bank, Rio de Janeiro Civil Police Chief Fabio Luis Souza said. Nunes’ attorney disputes those claims. 

“The facts did not happen as stated; that the man has arrived at the bank alive; and that the woman is completely shaken and medicated,” her lawyer said in a statement to CNN Brasil. 

Nunes was charged with desecration of a corpse and attempted theft by fraud. Speaking to local media, Souza said he was appalled by the incident. 

“In my 22-year career, I have never seen a story like this,” he said.

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