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‘Hit Me Again N***a’: Connecticut Girl Gets Vicious Beat Down In Viral Video After Using a Racial Slur Toward Group of Black Teens

A group of teens beat up a Connecticut girl after she was accused of using a racial slur towards them.

Multiple clips from a Snapchat story obtained by WABC-TV show the teen, who appears to be white, getting jumped while on the ground after she said the N-word. A crowd of people stood by cheering, watching, and recording the incident that happened Tuesday night at Byram Park in Greenwich.

Following the first beat down, the teen repeated the slur, resulting in a second attack against her. 

White Girl Jumped By Group After Saying Racial Slur
Police said that five people will be taken into custody in connection with the incident earlier this week. (WABC-TV/Youtube/Screenshot)

“Hit me again n***a,” the girl said. 

“What?” a shocked bystander could be heard saying in a crowd. “What?”

According to the New York Post, when police responded to the scene, the girl was still on the ground and transported to a local hospital. 

The assault victim is reportedly said to be a junior at Greenwich High. She suffered from non-life-threatening injuries. One student told WABC-TV that they were “astounded” by the brawl. 

“I didn’t know why it took place and I still think it shouldn’t have never taken place. Obviously she shouldn’t have said what she said and the people shouldn’t have done what they did,” another student added. 

WABC-TV reported that police are investigating the incident and are looking for more individuals — specifically from Port Chester, Stamford, and Greenwich. 

“We’re looking at motives, why people would do these things; so that’s yet to be determined,” Greenwich Police Department’s Capt. John Slusarz told the news station. 

In an update on Thursday, police said that all the suspects involved have been identified and referred to Stamford Court. Officials said two people were arrested on Thursday, and three others are also expected to be taken into custody, WPDE reported. First Selectman Fred Camillo condemned the incident. 

Camillo said in a statement to WPDE, “As always, violence of any sort will not be tolerated in the Town of Greenwich.”

A similar altercation happened in St. Louis, more than 1,000 miles from Greenwich. In early March, a fight between two teenage girls – Kaylee Gain and Maurnice DeClue — went viral online. Gain was left with severe injuries after DeClue was identified as the girl who slammed Gain’s head on the pavement numerous times. DeClue is in custody and facing assault charges. 

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