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‘Targeted and Humiliated’: Woman Says She Was Almost Removed from Delta Air Lines Flight for Not Wearing a Bra; Now Demands Policy Change

A woman said that she felt “targeted and humiliated” after she was nearly removed from a Delta Air Lines flight because she was not wearing a bra. 

Lisa Archbold is calling for the airline to change its policy after her experience in January at Salt Lake City International Airport, NBC Los Angeles reported. She shared her story at a press conference last week alongside her attorney Gloria Allred. 

“The gate agent told her that when passengers are wearing offensive or revealing clothing, Delta’s official policy is to remove them from the flight,” Allred said, per the outlet. 

Woman Claims She Was Nearly Removed From Delta Flight Due To Outfit
Lisa Archbold and her attorney held a press conference on March 28. (Gloria Allred/Youtube)

Archbold claimed that she was approached by a crew member who, in front of everyone, asked to have a private conversation off the plane. That’s when the flight attendant commented on her outfit — white pants and “baggy” white T-shirt, according to Yahoo Australia. 

In order to remain on the flight, Archbold was instructed to put on a jacket. She alleged that she was told by an official on board that the airline’s policy is that “women must cover up,” according to the reports.

Delta’s website says that an individual could potentially be booted off if their “conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers.”

In addition to tweaking the policy, Archbold is requesting a meeting with the president of the airline. A spokesperson said that they reached out to issue an apology for the incident. 

“I don’t need miles or an apology, I need Delta to be interested in the safety of their passengers,” Archbold told Yahoo Australia. 

Other Delta Air Lines customers have expressed having a similar experience to Archbold. Last year, a woman named Lauren Phillips said that  an employee “threatened” to not let her on board due to her outfit.

“Humiliates me in front of everyone! I’ve never had a problem with what I wear with other airlines. Never again,” Phillips wrote.

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