Fans Call Timbaland ‘Brave’ After He Shows Off the Results of His Hair Transplant Procedure

Two months after undergoing a hair transplant procedure, record producer Timbaland has updated social media users on his hair growth journey.

Over the weekend, he decided to show off his revived hairline via his Instagram Story.

Timbaland shows off new hairline months after hair transplant surgery.
Timbaland shows off new hairline months after hair transplant surgery. (Photo: @timbaland/Instagram)

While giving credit to hair transplant surgeon Dr. Harold Siegel, Timbaland, 51, shared a photo of his filled-in head with “You see @dr_haroldsiegel work” written over the top. He continued, “Don’t say I didn’t tell you.” 

The now-expired picture, along with other images that featured his hairline transformation, landed on X.

The public photos garnered more than 245,000 views from additional accounts, with over 100 users commenting on Timbaland’s decision to receive the surgery. Timbaland has attributed his hair loss to alopecia. 

Many fans praised the “Shock Value” artist for vulnerably speaking out about a hardship that others may find to be embarrassing. One person wrote, “So brave,” while another user spoke on the lasting effects losing hair can have on a man. 

Their comment read, “A man losing his hair has a huge effect on us.. you gotta tap into a completely different level of confidence! I was crushed for like a year tryna find new confidence.. It took a while just to feel ok let alone feel attractive again. Esp me being in my late 20s!! Just mad af!” 

Although several folks appeared to be happy for Timbaland, a few X users suggested that he lean into the fact that he’s balding rather than taking large measures to stop it from happening. 

One person wrote, “N—as really try to avoid going bald man,” followed by another comment which read, “Just go bald ?!”

Timbaland first began his hair transplant journey in early September and documented the procedure for his 4.1 million Instagram followers to see. “They shut it down just for the King,” he said in the two-month-old video. 

“New lineup, new hair. Natural transplant,” Timbaland added.  

The seasoned beatmaker continued, “Like working out, changing your body, I can put the work in. This one? I have to go get work. It’s no getting around it. I started seeing things getting lighter and I’m like, ‘You know what? Let me do it earlier than later… Don’t be jealous!’” 

“A BIG heartfelt thank you to @dr_haroldsiegel and his team over at @naturaltransplantsclinic for taking care of me and giving me the extra care and attention with my new hair,” Timbaland’s caption read. “Taking care of your hair early AND with the right doctor is key.” 

Timbaland’s hair transplant announcement followed right behind his new collaboration with long-time musical partners Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. The trio managed to create another recent hit titled, “Keep Going Up.”

The track comes 16 years after their first successful tune together, “Give It to Me.”

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