Trae tha Truth Blesses Single Mom of 3 Kids with New Furniture Months After Renovating Home of Elderly Woman Arrested for $77 Trash Bill

Trae tha Truth started the holiday season off right as he continued his philanthropic ways by helping a single mother in need.

Trae, real name Frazier Othel Thompson III, is considered a rap legend in Houston’s music scene, but his activism, humanitarianism, and selflessness have rivaled his music career.

The rapper has earned the moniker of “Hometown Hero” for being on the front lines helping during times like Hurricane Harvey and Winter Storm Uri, as well as Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 and tributes for the victims lost in the Astroworld catastrophe.

Single mother of three kids in Alabama brought to tears after rapper Trae the Truth furnishes her home for the holidays.
Single mother of three kids in Alabama brought to tears after rapper Trae the Truth furnishes her home for the holidays. (Photos: @traeabn/Instagram)

For his positive impact on the community in southeastern Texas, Trae received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden in 2021. This award didn’t stop the 43-year-old as he continues to give back to those in need.

On Nov. 3, Trae posted an Instagram video of hinself fully furnishing a single mother’s house with a couch and new beds, courtesy of himself and BEL Furniture. The family, which consisted of the mother and three daughters, allegedly slept and sat on their floor before Trae came in to help.

“I’m trying my best to stay happy, with a smile on my face ’cause I’m just being strong for my kids,” the mother said in the video.

She explained that she and her children had been struggling for a “month and a half” while going “been through a lot” at the time. Clips of the video show her family home with an Air fryer and laundry detergent on a table and a fish tank that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months.

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The mother continued, “It’s hard struggling as it is, but when you got nice people like Trae tha Truth and BEL Furniture to get some furniture so we can have furniture to sit on for the holidays and my kids can be comfortable sleeping in their beds, it’s a blessing.”

Each room appears to be furnished with new beds and dressers. Trae captioned the clip, “Told God if He Ever Put Me In Position To Help Others I Would…. I Kept My Word. Blessed This Family Wit All New Furniture… Anotha Day Anotha Blessing.”

Social media users went on to praise the “Stuck In Motion” rapper for his selfless act of giving. One fan said, “Big men do big things, huge inspiration, respect Trae, what a savage!” Another one said, “I like the fact that he really giving back to every community all over the world keep it up champ.”

This isn’t the first time Trae and BEL Furniture have worked together. Earlier in the year, they teamed up to help an elderly woman in Alabama who had recently been arrested. In November 2022, 82-year-old Martha Menefield was arrested over an unpaid trash bill that was $77.

Many people called out the arrest of the grandmother, including Trae, who set up a GoFundMe account that raised over $30K for Menefield. He also flew out to Valley, Alabama, to take the elderly woman on a shopping spree.

Trae continued to bless her further by enlisting the same furniture company to make renovations to her home. The woman received a couch, a queen bed, new dressers, and other pieces of furniture. The entire list of items came out to a total of around $15k, but Trae said he would return later to fix her HVAC situation.

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