‘I Don’t Play About Mine’: Niecy Nash Addresses Unknown Man Who Insulted Her Daughter with Backhanded ‘Big Lips’ and ‘Bug Eyes’ Compliment

Niecy Nash publicly expressed having no problem going “full momma mode” after her 24-year-old daughter shared an insulting online dating experience. 

On Sunday, Nov. 12, Dia Nash went to TikTok to explain why she would be taking a break from dating and leaving the exhausting task up to women who consider themselves “strong.”

Niecey Nash goes 'full momma mode' on unknown man who compared her daughter to a 'cartoon mutt.'
Niecy Nash (left in both photos) with her youngest child, 24-year-old Dia Nash. (Photos: @dialarennash/Instagram)

In Dia’s 30-second video, which had “My last day dating” written as the caption, she played a recording of a voicemail left by an unknown male who seemed to be giving her a questionable compliment. 

“With your bug eyes. Big eyes, big lips looking a–,” the John Doe said. The man then proceeded to compare Dia’s doe-eyed appearance to the main character from the 1999 animated series “Courage the Cowardly Dog.”

“Courage the Cowardly Dog character looking a–. But I think you cute so I’mma f–k with you,” he said before the voice recording cut out. 

A noticeably offended Dia then spoke, “And that was him being nice. I look like a cartoon mutt, but I’m cute, so he gonna f–k with me for real, though. I don’t think I am strong enough, so I’m gonna leave it to y’all. Y’all got it.” 

“Is this a crazy pick up line or am I just being sensitive?” her caption read. 

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It wasn’t long before media outlets such as The Shade Room got ahold of Nia’s video and shared it with their 28.8 million followers. The video garnered a lot of attention from the public, which included Nia’s very successful mother. 

The “Claws” actress not only shared her displeasure with the message her daughter received but only informed her child that an act like this should be considered a major red flag.

“This is my child. Dia Nash. This backhanded statement will have me in full momma mode I don’t play about mine and boy if you trying to be funny – you’re not! @dialarennash people who are really for you won’t do this,” Nash wrote while adding an eye roll, shrug, and red flag emoji. 

Niecy Nash goes 'full momma mode' on unknown man who compared her daughter to a 'cartoon mutt.'
Niecy Nash goes “full momma mode” on unknown man who compared her daughter to a cartoon character. (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram)

It appeared that many people agreed with Nash, for several commenters noted how strange it was for a man to insult a woman he’s seemingly trying to court. A few comments included, “LADIES….. Stay TF away from men who try to humble you!!!!!!!!” “The fact that people think backhanded compliments is flirting is.. Ew,” and “He really her biggest hater.” 

Dia’s not the only woman in her family who has struggled in the department of love. Her own mother has had her fair share of knuckleheads before she found love after her second divorce.


Before Nash and artist Jessica Betts tied the knot in 2020, the “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!” host was married to her second husband, Jay Tucker, from 2011 until 2019. The two share no children together.

However, Nash does share her three kids with her first husband, pastor Don Nash. The former couple were together for 13 years and had a son, Dominic, a daughter, Donielle, and Dia during their union. By 2007 they were headed down a road of divorce, which was finalized four years later.

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