‘Stop Playing In Our Faces’: Tim Scott Debuts Mystery Girlfriend Mindy Noce to Put Scrutiny of Dating Status to Bed, But Some People Aren’t Buying It

Out of all the moments from Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate that got people talking, candidate Sen. Tim Scott revealing his mystery girlfriend was one of them.

Not that Scott’s dating life matters or has any bearing whatsoever on national issues, but some GOP operatives were reportedly curious and needed answers to determine whether they would back him in the upcoming presidential election.

Because of that, his bachelor status made headlines and drew an inordinate amount of attention.

GOP presidential hopeful Tim Scott (right) introduced his girlfriend Mindy Noce (left) at a GOP presidential debate. (Photo: X)

To put a pin in all the rumors, Scott introduced his girlfriend, Mindy Noce, to the press following the end of the debate. The 47-year-old South Carolina-based interior designer is a mother of three and has reportedly been dating the 58-year-old senator for “about a year or so,” Scott told reporters.

Needless to say, people took to social media to banter about this moment.

“Yes, Tim Scott. Find a white woman to pose as your girlfriend. That should make them like you. Republicans love that…,” one X user wrote. “Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, stop playing in our faces,” wrote another social media user.

After reports started surfacing about Scott’s relationship status, he called it a “form of discrimination, noting that other GOP candidates used his bachelor status in an attempt to “sow seeds of doubt” about his campaign. A rumor mill spreading the possibility that he was “secretly gay” also made the rounds among GOP supporters and potential donors, according to Axios.

Still, he couldn’t escape the speculation, and people wouldn’t let up. So he only confirmed that he was dating someone but beat around the bush for months about who she was. This directly contradicted his campaign manager’s comment to The Washington Post, saying that his dating life is “nonexistent.”

However, it looks like Scott is putting the topic to bed once and for all after bringing Noce to the debate.

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