White Neighbor ‘Violently’ Hosed Down Black New York Doctor and Guests at Backyard Dinner Party, Lawsuit Claims

A white neighbor disrupted his Black neighbor’s dinner party and used a backyard hose to end their gathering — an act likened to Black Americans’ treatment in the 1960s, a new lawsuit alleges.

The September 2022 incident happened at an intimate get-together hosted by Dr. Yves Duroseau, the first physician to get the COVID-19 jab in the US, at his residence in Queens, New York, according to the lawsuit obtained by Atlanta Black Star.

Lawsuit Claims White Neighbor 'Violently Water Sprayed' a Group of Black Professionals at a Backyard Dinner Party
Dr. Yves Duroseau hosted a dinner party for his sister last September. He is the chair at Lenox Hill Hospital (@Shahid11828/x)

Fifteen people were in attendance, mostly Black and Latino, who work in high-profile positions in their respective fields. The event was held to celebrate Duroseau’s sister, Rosevony. 

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 As the dinner was wrapping up, an unidentified woman and an “aggressive” German shepherd appeared in the foyer just before 10 p.m., the lawsuit says. The neighbor demanded that the party lower down the music. Duroseau informed her that it was about to end and to exit his home. 

When he returned to his backyard, defendant Marcus Rosebrock was there and turned on his hose with “powerful” water pressure toward the group, according to the complaint. Duroseau and two of his guests were trying to talk to Rosebrock from a treehouse when he allegedly increased the pressure and “violently water sprayed them in the face and body, drenching them, and putting them in fear of serious bodily harm as they were afraid that they would be knocked to the ground,” the lawsuit said.

According to the allegations, Rosebrock continued to do this to other guests when they tried to speak to him and the catering staff who were working at the event. Duroseau reported the incident to police; however, they have not heard from them about a pending investigation, attorney Derek Sells told the Beast. 

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The lawsuit seeks monetary damages for the emotional injury Rosebrock caused them, per the report. The Duroseaus have not felt comfortable hosting an event since that night, with their other attorney, Mina Q. Malik, saying they feel like “prisoners in their own home.” The party guests, caterers, and chefs are also plaintiffs in this case. 

“Unable to use their property for a peaceful gathering, and humiliated, put into fear, embarrassed and degraded, Plaintiffs seek justice for the assaultive conduct, battery, and civil rights violations,” the lawsuit says.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Rosebrock’s attorney denied the accusations against him in the lawsuit. 

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