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‘Let the Healing Journey Begin’: Kirk Franklin Seeks to Mend His Relationship with His Son Kerrion After Reuniting with His Biological Father at Age 53

Gospel singer Kirk Franklin, 53, has been very vocal about how growing up as an adopted child has been foundational in his relationship with his son Kerrion.

Kirk Franklin vows to repair his relationship with his son, Kerrion, after reuniting with his biological father at age 53.
Kirk Franklin vows to repair his relationship with his son, Kerrion, after reuniting with his biological father at age 53. (Photos: @KirkFranklin/YouTube Screenshot)

The two have made headlines since 2021 after the 35-year-old released an explicit audio clip of the 19-time Grammy winner cursing and threatening his son in a public spotlight.

The act opened the doors for the world to see the “Melodies From Heaven” artist not just as the Christian superstar, but as a furious and possibly dangerous dad. The artist would go on to apologize, but not immediately fix his relationship with the “Bad Boys: Texas” star.

A hurt Kerrion began publicly declaring that Franklin was not a good father to him, claiming he often pours into the family he created with his wife Tammy.

On one devotional on his reality show, Kerrion could barely get through without crying, explaining the loneliness he feels not having a relationship with his father and family.

They haven’t spoken much in two years. But it appears that might have changed after his father received some life-changing news about his own biological father in the midst of working on his upcoming album.

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In a 35-minute video released on his YouTube channel, titled “Father’s Day,” Franklin documented the process of making his new project while also revealing that he found his biological father. He reconnected with a man named Rick Hubbard after one of his biological aunts died and one of his singers, Melodie, attended the funeral in April.

While there, Melodie’s family encountered Hubbard, who alleged that he had “dated” Kirk’s birth mother, Debra, when he was a little boy.

“A random funeral, a random moment in time,” Franklin said in the video.

They were informed that Hubbard, who lived in his biological mother’s hometown, might be Franklin’s birth father.

After people started noticing a resemblance and the coincidence of the timing, Hubbard took a DNA test and Franklin took one as well. The results revealed that they were in fact, father and son.

“What?!?” Franklin said repeatedly in disbelief after learning the result from his doctor over the phone. “This man is my father?!?.”

He had believed that his father was a man named Dwight Allen, who passed in 2017, months after they reunited. He admitted that he held some resentment toward Allen over Franklin having spent his young life as an adopted child instead of with a biological parent.

When Franklin took the results to Hubbard, he also discovered that Hubbard lived close to one of the studios that he works out of when recording. He said he was anxious.

The video shows how tense Franklin was coming to this revelation at the age of 53 and not knowing if Hubbard would accept him. The two had an emotional and tense embrace for the very first time.

Now it appears that this is what led him to attempt to restore his broken relationship with his son.

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In one clip shared previously by Franklin on his social media, Franklin and Kerrion bonded over locating Hubbard and the possibility he may not be included in their immediate family. Kerrion said that he always only wanted the love of his father and grandfather.

Fans were grateful for the public sharing, which shows Kerrion and Franklin both seemingly wanting to mend their relationship as they held each other on the floor.

“I was tearfully happy for Kirk, his dad and Kerion,” shared one social media user. “The only reason that I could fathom for Debra’s denial was deep, deep shame. I pray one day she heals and acknowledges the truth to Kirk to bring more healing. May God heal our relationships.”

“As someone who is adopted. This was so good. This video was absolutely necessary. Let the healing journey begin. You and your loved ones deserve it. Praying for your mother as well.”

“This hits so different for those fatherless children that haven’t reunited with their fathers and those that never will. Your transparency in this is so valuable. God always has a Ram in the bush that will fill every earthly void as he fills the spiritual ones. Congratulations on your new journey! Thank you so much for this! God bless.”

While Franklin, Kerrion, Hubbard and fans seem to be pleased with the results, Franklin’s mother refused to accept them.

Franklin had not seen Debra in 23 years and had a strenuous relationship with her and her family, particularly her sister, Aunt Sandra, who helped raise him as a child. The video shows the conflict with the aunt and a sit-down he had with her and Debra after a second DNA test was conducted.

Sandra advised his mother that she needed to tell her son the truth and admit what the DNA says, but she could not.


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