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‘Cooking Elon on His Own App Is Crazy’: Ice Cube Gives Elon Musk the ‘No Vaseline’ Treatment In Heated Meme War

Ice Cube woke up and chose violence after X’s owner, Elon Musk, sent a random shot his way.  

It all started when the unorthodox billionaire posted an extremely out-of-date meme of a toddler holding up a fistful of sand next to a picture of the Marvel villain Thanos on Sept. 14. Included in the meme were the words, “Remember this kid? This is him now. Feel old yet?”  

Ice Cube and Elon Musk go back and forth on X, after Musk posts a meme about Cube.
Ice Cube and Elon Musk go back and forth on X after Musk posts a meme about Cube. (Photos: @icecube/Instagram, @elonmusk/X)

A random X user responded under that post with a meme of their own. Following the same format, the meme showed rapper Ice Cube pictured on the left, and on the right was a half-empty glass of water. It read, “Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet? Appealing to Musk’s brand of humor, the X CEO commented under the meme with a crying laughing emoji. 

The Tesla boss liked the meme so much that he downloaded it and uploaded it to his page as his own — something he has been accused of doing before with Tesla. Musk’s reposted meme has 685k likes, 49.9k reposts, and 90.2M views at the time of this article. 

One of the many people who saw the childish post was Ice Cube himself. The West Coast legend seemingly took the joke personally and shot back. 

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Cube is no stranger to disses, and the “No Vaseline” rapper did exactly what anyone would do in the situation. He retaliated.

Using the same format as Musk’s meme, Cube posted a picture of X’s former Twitter bird mascot on the left, and a dumpster fire on the right. Instead of following the normal caption, he switched it up saying, “Remember Twitter? This it now, feel stupid yet?” 

Cube must have had the “Ether” beat playing when he posted this because at the time of this report, Musk has yet to respond. The fans however have responded to this extremely random internet beef. 

“Well that escalated unnecessarily.” 

“Cooking Elon on his own app is crazy.” 

“That damn meme from @elonmusk got @icecube ready to be next in line after Zuck!”

Ice Cube calling the app a dumpster fire is a sentiment shared by many of X’s users. Musk’s time as the owner of the company has been controversial, to say the least. Since acquiring X, Twitter at the time, for $44 billion and making himself the CEO back in October 2022, the app has come under fire for all the new policies the South African native has implemented.  

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After buying Twitter Musk said, “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.” Just weeks after that quote, it was reported that racial slurs against Black people, Jews, Hispanics, and the LGBTQ+ community had skyrocketed on the platform.

Under the businessman’s rule, the app also fired a large chunk of its workers, made a subscription service for verification, and rebranded from the iconic Twitter name and logo to the letter “X,” along with other changes to the user’s status quo. 

Competitors like Black Twitter’s offshoot Spill and Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads tried to capitalize off of X’s divisiveness, but, to Musk’s delight, none of them truly can be called an alternative to the social media giant. 


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