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I Lied to My Fiancé About Having Good Credit, Now He Wants to Compare Credit Reports In Preparation for Buying Our First Home Together

When my boyfriend and I first met, he had a list of personal questions that he asked me out the gate. At the top of the list was a question about my credit score. I embellished a tad and told him it was in the low seven hundreds when it was really in the high fives. I didn’t think much of it then, but it has come back full circle to bite me in the butt.

African American woman reading a problematic text message on smart phone at home.

Last month, my boyfriend proposed while we were on vacation in the Dominican Republic — Punta Cana to be exact. He had an elaborate scheme all planned out, and I was none the wiser. The romantic proposal was the perfect end to a perfect vacation, and we both came home refreshed and renewed.

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A few days later, I was all set to talk about our wedding plans and starting that whole process, but he brought up the nasty ‘C’ word again for the first time since we met; CREDIT. Ugh. He suggested that we both pull our credit reports from all three agencies so we could get a baseline of where we both stood. My stomach was doing flips on the inside, but I tried to maintain a stoic look on my face.

I wanted to tell him right then and there that my credit score is much lower than the one I quoted him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. He has big plans for us to put our finances together to start saving to purchase a home, and he has no idea, not the slightest inkling, that I’ve had financial challenges in the past including a bankruptcy that is only four years old. Should I tell him about my credit woes now or just wait until my credit reports arrive and act surprised?

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