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My Husband Is Trying to Impose a Curfew on Me. Is This What All Married Women Go Through?

We are newlyweds in our late 20s, young and madly in love. We started dating a year ago and got married only seven short months after meeting. In the dating phase of things, our relationship was very laid back. Neither of us had issues with jealousy or possessiveness, so most of the time, it was smooth sailing.

After we got married, I could feel a slight shift between us. My husband would have more questions about my outings, specifically what time I was going to be home. I never imposed that sort of line of questioning on him, though, no matter what. I didn’t want to make him feel the way he was unintentionally making me feel.

My Husband Is Trying to Impose a Curfew on Me. Is This What All Married Women Go Through?
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I know where the doubt is coming from when it comes to my husband questioning me. I have a group of five friends from college that is still very tight-knit. One of the five is my bestie, and she just so happens to be the very-single wild child out of all of us, and my husband can’t stand her. He feels like she puts me in predicaments that could lead to marital trouble if I’m not careful. It’s in these moments that I tell my husband he needs to rely and lean on his trust in me more than anything.

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This past weekend, I was invited to a birthday party for my husband’s least favorite of our crew. When I told him about the invite, he looked at me with disdain for her in his eyes and told me he wanted me to be home by 3 a.m. I was shocked. I reminded him that we never had curfews as a dating couple and that it has been working for us just fine.

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He stressed the fact that I have been coming home much later than usual since I have been hanging with my college friends and that he just wants to make sure I will be home at a reasonable hour.

Should I entertain the idea of coming home in time to meet a curfew imposed by my husband or stand my ground and tell my husband that I’ll be home when I get there?

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