‘He Believes We Have a Relationship’: Actor Tyler James Williams Begs Judge for a Restraining Order Against Obsessed Male Fan

Everybody might “Hate Chris,” but everyone loves themselves some Tyler James Williams — some a little too much. 

The “Abbott Elementary” star is reportedly fearful for his life after a man who is currently being identified as “John Doe” allegedly traveled 2200 miles to the actor’s home. 

Tyler James Williams fears for his life and asks for a restraining order against man who thinks they're in a relationship.
Tyler James Williams reportedly fears for his life and asks for a restraining order against a man who thinks they’re in a relationship. (Pictured: @willtylerjames/Instagram)

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Williams reportedly raced to the courts begging for a restraining order against the man, whom he deemed “unstable” and “delusional.”

He also suggested his alleged stalker believes they are in a romantic relationship and repeatedly tried to contact him for numerous months via direct messages on social media.

“In his direct messages to me, he revealed a history of past trauma, social abandonment, and the need for medication,” Williams wrote in his plea. “He seems unstable and is also delusional since he believes we have a relationship.” 

“The Walking Dead” star continued, “His messages and erratic behavior have placed me in fear for myself and have caused me to suffer emotional distress.” 

A few of John Doe’s questionable acts include trespassing into Williams’ apartment building where he “continuously rang my ring doorbell at least 30 times over a 4-hour period. He always attempted to open a window adjacent to my front door,” reports from The Blast read. 

The Golden Globe winner also claimed, “Once inside the building, he repeatedly banged on my door while asking me to open my door.” 

The incident was allegedly caught all on Williams’ ring camera, where John Doe can be heard telling the 30-year-old, “I paid for a flight back…I will be back and I won’t be scared.” 

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The child actor reportedly hasn’t returned to his home since the frightening interaction occurred on Sept. 1, and pleaded for the judge to order the man to stay 100 yards away from him. 

Williams has also notified his apartment’s security and other employees of the building about John Doe, telling them to treat him kindly but make it clear that he doesn’t want to be in contact with him. 

It’s unlikely for a person to be arrested for stalking someone unless they break the law. However, if a restraining order is put in place and its terms violated, the offender is subject to being charged and arrested. 

Williams isn’t the only celeb who’s had an unsettling experience with a stalker. In March of this year, a man reportedly traveled 2,000 miles from South Carolina to Rihanna’s house with the intention of proposing to her.

After making it to the mother of two’s house, the unidentified was stopped by security guards who notified the police. 

The cops supposedly gave the man a “serious chat about his actions,” but authorities ultimately determined that he didn’t break any laws and let him go.


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