My Ex-Boyfriend Paid for My Wedding, My Bridesmaids’ Dresses and Gifted Me $1,000 on My Wedding Day

A podcast clip is quickly gaining some traction on social media after a woman shared that her ex-boyfriend paid for her wedding and her bridesmaids’ dresses and even showed up to her house on her wedding day with a cash gift.

Hazel Grace, an adult film star, appeared on the “WHOREible Decisions” podcast featuring hosts Weezy and Mandii B to talk about her career in the porn industry and shared some stories about her relationships.

Adult film star Hazel Grace (left) appeared on the “WHOREible Decisions” podcast with Weezy (center) and Mandii B (right) to discuss her porn career and relationships. (Photo: YouTube/”WHOREible Decisions”)

As the discussion progressed, Hazel started to talk about her very first boyfriend of four years and how he supported and aided her in her pornography career. That same boyfriend even surprisingly paid for her and her husband’s wedding and helped them move cross-country to California.

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“He started everything for me, helped me and my husband when we first moved,” she said. “He paid for my wedding, thousands and thousands of dollars, paid for my sisters’ dresses, all my bridesmaids, everything that we needed that they couldn’t afford. On top of that, showed up at my house on my wedding day with $1,000 in cash and was like, ‘This is your wedding gift.”

Most people commenting on social media were a bit floored and taken aback by her admission. Some even thought she was lying.

“I’ll be damned!!” one person commented on Instagram.

Read the full story on Atlanta Black Star.

“He was trying to make sure she wasn’t coming back to him. Marry her all the way off to someone else 😂,” another Instagram user said.

“She’s lying like hell,” another said in disbelief.

While Hazel didn’t give a breakdown of total wedding costs for her special day, figures typically reach tens of thousands of dollars for American weddings.

According to The Wedding Report, couples spent an average of $29,195 dollars for weddings in 2022.

Wedding attire like the bride’s dress and the groom’s tuxedo, catering and bar service, wedding planner costs, entertainment and food usually reportedly make up the bulk of the expenses.

You can watch the full podcast episode featuring Hazel Grace below.

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