My Sister Borrowed My Designer Shoes and Damaged Them. Should She Pay to Have Them Repaired?

My younger sister lives in my shoe and clothes closets. She’s always been into fashion and especially finds interest in what I’m wearing, for sure. We happen to be roommates and have been for about three years. It’s working out for both of us because we are able to save money and handle the cost of living, which continues to rise in California.

This past weekend, my sister begged me to borrow my favorite pair of red bottoms from my shoe collection. Initially, I said no and explained that I didn’t want anything to happen because she’s a dancer when she goes out and can be rather hard on shoes. Eventually, she wore me down, and I ended up letting her borrow my black patent leather red bottoms.

My Younger Sister Borrowed My Designer Shoes and Damaged Them. Should She Pay to Have Them Repaired?
Christian Louboutins (Photo: Pinterest)

The following weekend, I had a party planned and decided to wear the very same shoe, my Christian Louboutins. I put them on and took a spin in the mirror. As soon as I took a step outside to walk to the car, the heel broke, and I came tumbling down. I was pissed. This had to be my sister’s fault. I immediately called her on my cell phone, but she didn’t answer.

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When I finally spoke to her, I questioned her about her activities when she wore my shoes, and she admitted that she danced the night away but refused to take responsibility for the heel breaking. I told her I fully expected her to pay for the shoe repairs. She disagreed with my expectations and felt that I was being petty and unfair.

Should I demand that my sister pay for my red-bottomed shoe repair or refuse to let her borrow my clothes and shoes going forward as punishment?

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