Fans Are Shook After Kysre Gondrezick’s Sister Sends Rockets Player Kevin Porter Jr. a Public Warning Following His Arrest for Allegedly Beating Her

Houston Rockets young star Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested on suspicion of assault of a domestic partner this week, and this latest scrape with the law could have lasting consequences for the Seattle native.

Porter is no rookie when it comes to legal troubles, but unlike his drug and weapon possession case in 2022, these charges look like they will stick. He is accused of beating his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick.

Kevin Porter Jr. arrested for alleged Domestic Violence, GFs sister send ominous message.
Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested for allegedly beating his girl girlfriend. Her sister sends ominous threatening message online. (Photo: @kevinporterjr/Instagram @kysrerae/Instagram)

The couple are said to have been on vacation in New York City. Porter and the former WNBA player were staying at the Millenium Hilton New York Hotel near Times Square when the altercation happened. The incident is reported to have started after the pair returned separately in the early hours of Sept. 11 from a night out, with Gondrezick getting to the room first. Porter reportedly got there later and was locked out.

Porter asked for hotel staff assistance to enter his room, and once the 23-year-old gained access the assault is said to have occurred. NYPD reported that Porter “struck her multiple times about the body and placed his hands around her neck.”

The police were called to the hotel at 6:45 a.m., arrested Porter, and took Gondrezick to a hospital. Law enforcement reported that the 26-year-old was in stable condition with bruising, at least one broken bone, and a fractured neck vertebra.

It was later reported that the assault started while Gondrezick was sleeping, and it did not stop until she ran out into the hotel hallway covered in blood, ABC13 Houston reports. The Manhattan DA’s office also said Porter has a history of abusing Gondrezick, “including an incident in which he rammed his car into hers.”

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After news of the incident dropped, Gondrezick’s sister, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins, sent an ominous threat to the Rockets guard.

In an Instagram Story, Gondrezick-Haskins said “@kevinporterjr if you think you gone touch my sister & not get touched. Count ya f—–g days. Better hope and pray you’ll be able to ever walk again let alone dribble.”

“You may have gotten away with this s—t in the past cus yo mama ain’t beat ya a—but we spank lil punk a—painting nail sissy b—–s like you everyday.” she continued, “Don’t show up to that crib. We gone do it to you. Lil b—h.”

Fans talked about the possibility of Gondrezick-Haskins’ threats.

“Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins. I support her her defending her sister 100%, but you speaking out of both side of your mouth!”

“I wouldn’t take her threats lightly.”

“Why do people snitch on themselves voluntarily? If you gonna do something just do it.”

Gondrezick-Haskins is no stranger to domestic abuse cases, as she was a suspect in one. In 2021, she was arrested on felony battery and domestic violence charges against her husband, former NGL quarterback Dwayne Haskins. The former Pittsburgh Steelers backup passer was reported as having a split upper lip and a missing tooth. The pair disputed the claims, with Haskins posting on Instagram, “I have all my teeth,” and the case was later dropped.

The two worked out their differences and stayed together until Haskins’ untimely demise, when he was hit by a dump truck while crossing a Florida highway on foot in April 2022. The circumstances around Haskins’ death are still debated to this day, with Haskins’ family filing a lawsuit claiming that the 24-year-old was the victim of a drugging, blackmail, and robbery conspiracy.

According to a toxicology report, Haskins’ body was reported to have a blood alcohol level of 0.20-0.24 and traces of ketamine and norketamine.

Multiple settlements have been reached in the suit, but there are still 10 defendants in the case as of August 2023.


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