‘Is There Anything More Pathetic Than Kevin McCarthy?’: ‘The View’ Hosts Rip Apart House Speaker While Report Shows Trump Encouraged GOP Lawmakers to Impeach Biden

“The View” hosts went after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy after he announced that a formal impeachment inquiry would be launched to investigate President Joe Biden.

Speaker McCarthy announced that decision on Tuesday to investigate Biden’s conduct as allegations of corruption against the president’s family continue to circulate.

The View host Sunny Hostin (left), House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (center), ‘The View’ host Joy Behar (right). (Photos: Twitter)

McCarthy hasn’t received enough House votes to move ahead with the inquiry, however, he launched the inquiry with the Republican chairs of a few congressional committees at the helm.

The House speaker has faced pressure over the past several weeks from his Republican peers in Congress to start an impeachment process against the president in order to gain access to records and documents that would implicate Biden in his son Hunter’s business dealings.

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign deals and partnerships is still underway and is of interest to many GOP operatives. They believe Biden might have used his power as vice president to bolster his son’s deals and are pinning that accusation on him without sufficient evidence.

The New York Times reported that for weeks, Trump has been cozying up with conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus and other GOP congressmen to press them to commence an impeachment initiative against Biden.

Trump has also reportedly inquired about what it would take to clear his own impeachment record. The embattled former president was impeached twice while in office.

Reacting to news of the inquiry, the hosts on “The View” went on the offensive Wednesday and attacked McCarthy’s decision.

“Is there anything more pathetic than this Kevin McCarthy, who is beholden to the dumbest wing in his party?” Joy Behar asked her fellow cohosts.

“I think there’s impropriety related to Biden’s involvement with Hunter. I think there’s been some misrepresentations. He said Hunter never made money from China. He said he never met with any of his Ukrainian business partners,” political strategist Alyssa Farah Griffin remarked but also stated that the inquiry would be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.


Sunny Hostin agreed with Griffin’s sentiment, stating her belief that Hunter Biden showed off his connections to his father from time to time during his work with China and Ukraine.

“There’s no way political influence wasn’t a part of that. I don’t like nepotism across the board,” Hostin said. “What is upsetting to me is that Kevin McCarthy and this right-wing Republican party is trivializing what impeachment is.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz threatened to introduce a motion to vacate McCarthy in order to remove him from his position as House speaker if he didn’t launch the inquiry.

Even Georgia Rep. Marjorie Greene Taylor threatened to not vote on a temporary spending measure that’s in the works to keep the government open if an inquiry wasn’t opened. She filed official articles of impeachment the day Biden was sworn in in 2021.

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