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Nigerian Doctor Reportedly ‘Turns Insane’ In Police Custody After Being Arrested on Charges of Harvesting Organs of Patients

A Nigerian doctor reportedly “started behaving like a mentally unstable person” after he was arrested on suspicion of harvesting his patients’ organs in a number of surgeries and operations he conducted.

The Daily Nigerian reported that Noah Kekere was taken into custody after a former patient filed a complaint accusing him of harvesting one of her kidneys during an operation in 2018.

Nigerian doctor Noah Kekere is accused of organ harvesting and reportedly “turned insane” after being arrested for the crime. (Photos: Twitter)

One of the outlet’s inside sources said that Kekere was being investigated at police headquarters in the city of Jos when he suddenly “turned insane” and started ripping his clothes and behaving erratically.

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So police sent him to the Jos University Teaching Hospital for medical examinations.

“He was in the cell and it was later discovered that he started tearing his clothes in the cell and started behaving like a mentally unstable person,” the source, who remains anonymous, told The Daily Nigerian. “This made the police rush him to Jos University Teaching Hospital in handcuff.”

“On arrival, he was just screaming, yelling and shouting. He was saying ‘they want to silence my daughter’,” another source added.

At least four people came forward with accounts of their experiences with Kekere and the procedures they underwent at his Murna Hospital at Nassarawa Gwong in the Plateau State capital.

All four claimed they were living with one kidney after their surgeries.

“I was scanned here in Jos yesterday, and it has been confirmed that one of my kidneys was removed,” one of Kekere’s former elderly patients, whose identity was also kept secret, told The Daily Nigerian.

Just this year, Nigerian politician Ike Ekweremadu, his wife, and a doctor were convicted of organ trafficking.

All three were found guilty of conspiring to arrange or facilitate the travel of a young Lagos man to Britain to exploit him for his kidney in May 2022. That man, who wasn’t named for legal reasons, had been offered an illegal reward to become a kidney donor for Ekweremadu’s daughter.

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