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‘Give It Up Already:’ Fans Aren’t Trying to See Colin Kaepernick In Green After New York Jets Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Goes Down for the Season

The New York Jets need a savior, but it looks like fans will take anybody other than Colin Kaepernick.

Aaron Rodgers’ move to the New York Jets shook the NFL up this offseason, with many analysts and football watchers expecting a deep playoff run for the team.

Football fans laugh at Colin Kaepernick trying to make a NFL comeback following reports about Aaron Rodger's being out for the rest of the season.
Football fans laugh at Colin Kaepernick trying to make a NFL comeback following reports about Aaron Rodger’s being out for the rest of the season. (Photos: aaronrodgers12/Instagram; @kaepernick7/Instagram)

The team already had one of the best defenses in the league, with young stars like last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner and defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

The only thing holding them back was the terrible quarterback play from Zach Wilson, so when Rodgers joined the squad to finish our his career, thoughts of making it to the Super Bowl crept their way into the minds of Jets fans everywhere.

When the future first ballot Hall of Famer ran out onto MetLife Stadium, with an American flag on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, the New York crowd could smell how close they were to a Lombardi trophy.

After 75 seconds, Rodgers was already being helped back to the Jets training room as the air was sucked out of the stadium. In came Zach Wilson, who played exactly as expected, managing the offense, as the defense showed out and helped keep the Buffalo Bills within a manageable distance. The Jets miraculously won the game off the back of the special team’s unit and their undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson.

Even though they won, Jets running back Breece Hall was noted after the game as saying, “It sucks, bro. I’m happy about the win, but I’d rather have that guy on the team, so it just sucks.” The day after the game, Sept. 12, news spread that Rodgers had suffered a season-ending Achilles injury.

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Jets fans know that with Wilson at QB, they most likely will repeat what happened last year, so New York is rumored to be looking at the market for a new offensive leader. While some people have suggested that Tom Brady should lace up his cleats for one last ride, sports analyst Jemele Hill threw in her dark horse pick.

In a post on social media site X, Hill said, “There’s a QB right there in New Jersey who took a team to a Super Bowl and a NFC championship game. Rhymes with Happernick.”

Fans vehemently disagreed with the Jets bringing invColin Kaepernick.

“Gotta put that dream to bed. It’s been too long. Better options out there right now.”

“It’s been a decade, he had a chance to try out and didn’t impress again. Just wasn’t all over media. Let it go.”

It appears the former 49ers quarterback has had similar thoughts to Hill and has thrown his hat into the ring for the open position.

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NFL insider Jordan Schultz confirmed as much when he made a post, writing, “I just spoke with Colin Kaepernick, who tells me his agent has reached out to the #Jets about his desire to make an NFL return. Kaepernick remains on the West Coast working out.” He followed that up saying that the 35-year-old texted him, saying, “I just need a shot.” Fans had even more reactions to Kaepernick’s quote.

“OMG bro enough is enough scout team reps.”

“yeah, I reached out to them as my own agent. word is I have about the same chance (per.@AdamSchefter).”

Kaepernick’s most notable moments in his football career were his appearance in Super Bowl XLVII and his decision at different games to kneel during the National Anthem to protest the murders of Black people by police officers. The quarterback started a nationwide movement of athletes taking a knee during the anthem, while also sparking nationwide outrage at him “disrespecting” the American flag.

A lot of people say this led to Kaepernick getting blackballed by the league, and he hasn’t played in an NFL game since Jan. 1, 2017. Since then, Kaepernick has been seen as more of a civil rights activist than an elite athlete, but he has stayed in football shape just in case a team knocked on his door.

He has had workouts with the Las Vegas Raiders and other NFL teams, but no contracts have come after either of the sessions.


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