Furious Black Woman Claims She Was Fired After Accidentally Receiving Email Referring to Her as ‘Dark Meat,’ Boss Reportedly Claims She Sent It to Herself

A Kansas City physical therapy office is under fire after a Black former employee alleged she was fired after reporting to the owner that her supervisor accidentally sent her a racist email.

The woman, Tiffany Griffin, took to social media to share what happened to her and claims she was demonized by the owner of ETC Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, with the owner once saying he would investigate her claim.

Black Woman Claims She Was Fired After Accidentally Receiving Email Referring to Her as ‘Dark Meat.’ Boss Reportedly Claims She Sent It to Herself
Popular TikToker AuntKaren0, right, and Tiffany Griffin, left, discuss email Griffin claimed she received. (Photo: TikTok/AuntKaren0)

Popular TikToker AuntKaren0 championed her cause, noting that the woman got the email on Friday, and by Tuesday of the next week, she was fired. She then posted a copy of the email on her page and has actively worked to get Griffin’s story out to the masses.


“Dude, Next time you guys hire DARK MEAT make sure she is not DUMB and NOT A BRAID QUEEN!!!!!” the email began.

“This morning was a disaster,” it continued.“SO GLAD she’s not going to be with me all the time, DO NOT LIKE BEING HOT. By the looks of the schedule Jim will not need her after we all take out PTO. Hope she is not out here when FALL COMES it gets dark out pretty early, DON’T want her to run into any trouble.”

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According to Griffin, she told the owner about the email. He allegedly sent her back a text message expressing his commitment to getting to the bottom of the accusation.

“I am going to go over there and pull the videos to show her (Michelle) sitting there at 10:45 sending this email and take the appropriate actions, we don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind to anyone, no matter what. I won’t do that until Friday 31st. Is there anything you want to add to this at this time?” the owner allegedly texted Griffin.

On a call obtained by AuntKaren0, the owner said he investigated the claim and discovered through his forensic evidence that Griffin was the person who actually sent the email … to herself.

The owner further stated his company could prove that Griffin had a draft of the correspondence in her company email, according to the video. He added that the incident would make it hard for him to hire people of color in the future and that Griffin was conniving and only brought up the allegations to get money from his company, according to the video.

Griffin denies these allegations and believes this is an attempt to cover up the supervisor’s actions.

Social media users immediately called for action once they learned about the story.

Others mocked the company’s tagline, which says, “We help people of all ages and backgrounds live happy, healthy & active lives.”

The person underlined the words “all” and “backgrounds” to emphasize the irony in the story.

Griffin has not said she has taken legal action or publicly shared what her next steps are.

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