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‘You Should Turn Off Your Comments’: Oprah Winfrey Has Disabled Her Comments Following Outrage Over Her Response to Maui Fires, Fans Urge The Rock to Do the Same Instead of ‘Cheesing’ for His Fans

Philanthropists and Hollywood big shots Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have gone into full drive to raise money for the residents of Maui, Hawaii, who have been severely affected by the recent wildfires. Both celebrities, who have homes on the island, initiated a relief fund, kickstarting the initiative with a donation of $10 million. They have also forged partnerships with several local organizations to aid those who have been adversely impacted.

But despite their efforts, many are saying they are not doing enough, pointing at their combined estimated net worth of $2.25 billion and suggesting that their initial donations appear relatively modest given their massive wealth.

Furthermore, they have raised questions about the fund’s crowdfunding aspect, which calls upon the public to contribute additional funds for emergency relief.

Oprah has diligently tried to keep people updated on the progress of the initiative and assure them that people are being helped. One thing that the People’s Fund of Maui is doing is giving financial assistance to people 18 and over who apply. The requirement for the $1,200 per month grant is that your primary residence was lost to the fire and you live in Lahaina or Kula.

She posted on her Instagram, “It takes a village, and I’m so proud to be a part of the village bringing aid to the Maui residents affected by the wildfires with @peoplesfundofmaui.”

She said that about a week after the fund’s launch, 10,000 people donated to the campaign. The OWN media mogul also said multiple organizations and community leaders have joined forces and worked together on the ground and “have been helping since day one.”

According to the post, some of her personal friends have called and asked how they can help.

Accompanying the caption was a video of the “Color Purple” star extending her thanks to all who have supported and warned people that after the headlines have subsided the people will still need assistance.

Initially, the post allowed for comments, but those who are critical of Oprah and other mainland Hollywood staples living on the island, asserting that she should personally contribute a more substantial sum than the $5 million she has already provided, inundated the comment section.

Some fans applauded Oprah for shutting the comment section down because it distracts from the larger mission. The fans also tried to tell The Rock, whose social media is being flooded with people not feeling the actor, to shut his comments down also — for his own sake.

“Dwayne…looks like you should turn your comments off…your true colors are showing.”

In one post, where he greets a group of tourists riding around looking at celebrity houses, he mentions that this is one of the things he loves about being rich and famous. He said he enjoys making people’s day by chatting with them. The other thing he likes is getting free stuff.

Fans did not like that.

“From hero to zero.”

“You know whose not doing good? Hawaii.”

“Peoples chump.”

“Can you believe he drives around hoping to get some adoration to help him feel better about himself after the hammering he’s received!! So glad he’s got Maui on his mind … such ego.”

“Can your ego get any bigger? Jesus”

“Booooooooo boooooooo boooooo”

Hardly any of his posts were complimentary. While the “Black Adam” is riding through the streets without a care and getting overwhelming backlash, Oprah continues to push for more people to help.

“Everyone is welcome to support however they can,” she wrote, directing them to a link in her bio.


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