You Want How Much?! New-Age Barbers Have Lost It Thinking They’re Celebrities By Charging $1,000 for a Haircut

Finding yourself in need of a haircut may cost you your entire paycheck. These days, it seems barbers think they’re celebrities and deserve a thousand dollars for a haircut that may last all of two weeks. 

Comedian and Instagram influencer Druski posted a video mocking new-age barbers who “do the most” when it comes to cutting hair. 

Druski the barber
Comedian Druski mentors other barbers in video skit. (Photo: Druski/Instagram)

In the video, Druski expertly mocks barbers as he begins the skit at a client’s lavish house while putting a Burberry cape on, saying, “You know this crib nice. I’mma have to charge you extra for that.”  

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This intro makes fun of barbers that upcharge clients for travel fees. Have you ever had to pay extra for a barber to come to your house or meet you somewhere else? They may even charge a flat fee in the hundreds by the hour. 

In the next scene of the skit, Druski sits back in the barber chair as a new patron listens as he says, “Wassup man, you got an appointment? You gotta download my app and get an appointment online; I don’t do walk-ins.” This is as he sits in the chair without clients. He gives off the aura of wanting to feel important and like a boss, even though he doesn’t come across as having a large clientele. 


Druski continues showing a nonchalant persona as he transitions throughout the skit, making it appear as if being a barber is the easiest job to do. He even goes as far as to say: “Yeah, you know this just a side hustle for me.”

He continues by bragging about his client list. “You know who I be cuttin’? YB, Wham, all them…Ion tell people that, I don’t like to flex,” he said, all while he is showing off a video of NLE Choppa getting a haircut by someone else, but Druski added a voiceover to make it appear like it’s him.

In the new digital age, barbers expect top dollar but may not supply top service. Though the skit is funny, there’s always a layer of truth underneath. Many barbers don’t even have celebrity clientele but act as if they do, while others who do have celebrity clients expect you to treat them like celebrities, too. 

In today’s times, a haircut from a popular barber could range anywhere from $100 to $1,000 plus. If they have a big following on Instagram and a celebrity frequents them, then the price could be higher. 

Have you ever been to a barber that tried to upcharge you for a haircut? What’s the most you’ve paid for a haircut? What happened to $10 haircuts? 

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