‘Y’all So Sensitive’: Steve Harvey Fans Hit Back at Jess Hilarious for Calling Out the ‘OG’ for Asking About Unfunny Comedians

Comedienne Jess Hilarious called out fellow comedian Steve Harvey over a recent post he shared on X, the platform formally known as Twitter. Last week, Harvey shared a post on Aug. 19 asking fans to name comedians who aren’t funny.

Harvey wrote, “A Comedian you don’t find funny at all?”

Jess Hilarious Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey (R) fans defend him against fellow comedian Jess Hilarious who questioned his tweet about unfunny comedians. (Photos: @jesshilarious_official/Instagram; @steveharvey/Twitter)

Hilarious decided to address Harvey’s post this week on “The Breakfast Club” on Aug. 22.

She shared a clip of her appearance on Instagram with the caption, “Hopefully he was hacked… was this appropriate etiquette for an original King Of Comedy? Or am I tripping? Maybe it’s me but that s—t made me side eye him for a second!”

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The 31-year-old questioned why Harvey would say such a thing as a veteran in the comedy scene, while hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy suggested one of his social media handlers wrote the post.

“I just found it crazy,” said the comedienne. “He posted that to Twitter. That’s what OG posted. I hope that it wasn’t him, though.”

“This don’t seem like Steve Harvey behavior,” she added. “Even with ‘Family Feud,’ I still don’t feel like this was a good question. Because like, in today’s world right now where everything is already negative on social media, like, any and everything, by our own people, I’ma say that, um for you to post something like that, is clownin’.”


Charlemagne Tha God also suggested that the post seemed out of character for Harvey and wondered if he’d recently seen a “horrible” comedian. “I highly doubt he tweeted it.”

He then asked Hilarious if there was an unwritten rule that comedians shouldn’t question each other’s humor, to which the actress responded by saying that would be like Nicki Minaj asking fans to name a rapper who can’t rap or Michael Jordan asking who can’t play basketball.

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Fans responded with mixed reactions in her comment section, though some referred to her nickname, “Jess with the Mess.”

“Wait Jess with the mess is mad that someone is being messy?”

“What’s wrong with him asking that !! Y’all too sensitive smh.”

“Are they serious do they know Steve Harvey’s background and the whole Kings Comedy situation? Shyt I definitely believe his azz said tht shyt.”

“Jess be going hard like she funny funny. Like you came up or Instagram be humble sis you no really funny either.”

After seeing fans’ jokes about her, Hilarious hit back, writing, “YO ITS NOT ABOUT THE QUESTION BEING ASKED! Fuq the question! It’s about Steve Harvey asking it for ME!”

Harvey is known for asking random questions on social media, such as “Movie with the best plot twist ever???” and “Best series u ever watched?” He also posts inspirational messages like, “Grind harder than yesterday, let’s GO,” and clips of his hosting gig on “Celebrity Family Feud.”

Harvey currently hosts the game show “Family Feud” as well as a new reality show. The 66-year-old presides over small claims court cases and dishes out humor along with a judgment on “Judge Steve Harvey.” The reality series airs on Wednesdays on ABC.

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