‘Thugs In Makeup’: Comedian’s Skit Mocking Women Embracing Their Masculine Energy

It’s a new era, and not everyone is in their “soft girl era.”

Some women are tapping into their savage side. Have you ever dated a female that was more in tune with her masculine side? You know, the kind that isn’t afraid to let it loose, sit with her legs open, or eat like no one is watching? 

Malik Thug in Makeup
Actress @simply_chella touching @MalikBazille’s face in the car. (Instagram screenshot)

Comedian and Instagram skit-man Malik has dropped another video featuring actress Chella, that’s sure to make you laugh and spark up a discussion. These ‘thugs in makeup’ are DMing these guys and shooting their shots. 

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Most women are portrayed on screen as slow drivers who sit close to the steering wheel. However, Chella is shown leaning back and driving fast and even hitting the curb. Malik noticeably looks scared while telling her, “This is not a Hellcat,” in reference to a Dodge Challenger vehicle that’s supercharged with a V-8 engine. 

The next scene with Chella shows her chopping up marijuana in a place meant for eating, with Malik turned off that she would do such a thing. She responds by saying, “You new guys is too soft for me, bruh; like, what’s the big deal?” 

Click here to watch the video.

Malik’s rebuttal is clear that he’s never encountered such a lady. “Look, Young Thug, you can do that. I’m not used to all that; it’s cool to be a lady sometimes.” You can tell he is not pleased. 

Things take a turn, and the ‘thug in makeup’ really comes out when Chella asks him to come upstairs. He declines by saying, “Girl, I don’t just don’t be out here sharing my body with anybody; nah, I’m a grown man.” 

Chella replies with, “That sh*t little; that’s why.” 

Malik says, “Ain’t nothin’ little over here.” 

Things are quite comical as the roles are clearly reversed. You’d never think a guy would reject an invitation to the bedroom, especially that soon. 

True to form, Malik ends the skit by walking out of the apartment, putting his shirt on, saying, “I usually don’t do that for real,” confirming he’d succumbed to the ‘thug with makeup’ after all. 

What’s funny is that men have acted this way for years, but when women do it, it’s a problem. Why can’t women exude their masculine energy along with the feminine? 

The double standards of society are being shattered, and this skit, while fictional and funny, is proof. Women are operating in their truth and doing what pleases them. This can often translate differently to men because of their ideas of a “lady,” but the box that women were once placed in no longer exists. 

According to the comments, “City Girls are up $10k,” a reference to the members of the rap duo and “girls” like them. Women are doing what they want, pursuing who they want, and unashamed of it all. Do you think it’s liberating or degrading? 

Have you ever dated a thug in makeup? Was it a turn-off? Do you find alpha-female aggression to be too much? 

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