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‘Are Lloyd and Coko from SWV Dating?’: Photo Of Singers Getting Cozy Leaves Fans Wondering If They Are an Item 

Social media is talking about R&B singers Lloyd and Coko Clemons of SWV after the two were spotted getting cozy in a new photo circulating on social media.

SWV came up in the last 1990s with hit songs like “Weak,” “You’re Always on My Mind,” “Rain,” and ”I’m So Into You.” The trio, including Taj Johnson and Lelee Lyons, are currently on the “Summer Block Party Tour” with supergroups Jodeci and Dru Hill, and they recently performed in Atlanta at the Cadence Bank Amphitheater at Chastain Park on Aug. 18.

Meanwhile, Lloyd came into the industry much later after signing with Murder Inc. and releasing his debut album “Southside” in 2004.

On Aug. 20, the “Cupid” singer shared a photo of himself and Coko close together, with their cheeks nearly touching as the 37-year-old wrapped his arm around her shoulder. But his caption has fans assuming they are more than just industry friends.

Fans suspect Lloyd and Coko of SWV are dating are sharing this cozy photo together.
Fans suspect Lloyd and Coko of SWV are dating are sharing this cozy photo together. (PhotoL @curlyheadedblackboy/Instagram)

“My beloved,” Lloyd began in the caption, adding emojis of crossed fingers and a Black queen. “… all I ever wanna do is shower her with praises and cover her in flowers.” Coko replied back in his comment section, writing, “I love you!!!!!” with five red heart emojis.

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Their exchange, in addition to the loving emojis, were enough to send fans into a frenzy with rumors about them dating.

“Ok So what does this mean @curlyheadedblackboy I’m lost Are they together or just Forever Day ones I’m here, 4 Whatever I LOVE BLACK LOVE.”

“Lloyd & Coco from SWV are a what???”

“Who would have thought?”

“i’m mean… she got weak knees.”

Fans’ speculation grew further after a screenshot of a post from Coko’s Instagram Story appeared online that read, “He met me in my ‘I’m going to stay single phase’ and now I’m obsessed with him.”

As the conversation continued, the 57-year-old’s son, Jayye Michael, chimed in to set the record straight about his mother’s dating life.

“Y’all are weird. They are NOT a couple, NEXT!” he wrote. In another tweet, the 22-year-old said, “They do anything for the clicks and views. Smh.”

Meanwhile, a few fans suggested that Lloyd’s post and caption was nothing more than a doting response from one fan to another.

One said, “Lloyd ain’t dating Coko lol He’s thanking her for the impromptu performance at SWV’s last show when Coko pointed him out in the crowd. Lloyd was at the show with his mom and someone passed him the mic to sing. That’s it. That’s all.”

Another wrote, “Lloyd been with the same woman, the mother of his children for yearssssssss and still has her on his page. I doubt very seriously that he was doing anything but showing love to Coko as an artist who was performing with her that night.”

Lloyd has been with his longtime girlfriend, Dehea Abraham, for years. They share a son and daughter, according to photos on their Instagram pages dating back to at least 2015. The pair keep a rather low profile and hide their children’s faces on social media, but they are not afraid to publicly share their love for each another in various posts.

As for Coko, she was previously married to Mike Clemons from 2003 to 2018.

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