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I Don’t Like Being a Mother and My Friends Are Judging Me for Having Around-the-Clock Nannies.

When I was a little girl, I didn’t spend much time playing with dolls, nor did I ever have the dream of becoming a mother. As I grew up, I thought my sentiment might change, but it never did.

Concerned Black Woman
Concerned Black woman (Stock Photo: Getty Images)

I met my husband in my mid-30s. We had a whirlwind romance and got married only six months after meeting. He was adamant about having kids, and I agreed based on one condition — that I would have the option of securing a nanny to help me with our child.

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A short two years after I was married, I was pregnant with our first child. I came home from the hospital, and my night nanny was waiting in the driveway. My husband is wealthy and spared no expense for the help I told him I was going to need with the baby. Having a night nanny was a huge help, but I found myself needing assistance during my waking hours as well. I quickly sought out a day nanny, and before I knew it, I had around-the-clock nannies.

I now have a 2-year-old and just welcomed our second child to the family. I refuse to be a mother without the help of my nannies.

They even travel with us and are paid a pretty penny for their services. Recently, I had a day party at our home by the pool, and I invited several of my friends over along with their children. One of my friends commented on the fact that my nannies are always within arms’ reach, even when I’m fully awake and rested. My other friends jumped in and also commented on the choices I had made for my child-rearing style.

Later that night, I talked to my husband about the incident, and he assured me that my so-called friends were nothing short of jealous and envious because I could afford around-the-clock help.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought he was absolutely right. I feel that the fact that I don’t enjoy being a mother on my own without help is a very personal decision I have made. I have come to terms with it and have no regrets or remorse for it.

Should I reconsider my friendships because they are making me feel bad about my choices and judging me?

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