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I Got Down on One Knee But Was Left Holding the Ring After My Girlfriend Denied My Proposal

My girlfriend is a handful, but I love her. She’s always sporting the latest designer and refuses to settle for less. I admit that I lend to the trend by spoiling her here and there, but she deserves it. When we met, she warned me that she only accepts the finest things that life has to offer. Well, she meant what she said, and I pay a pretty penny to keep her looking and feeling good on my arm at all times.

I Got Down on One Knee But Was Left Holding the Ring After My Girlfriend Denied My Proposal
Proposal decor (Photo: Pinterest)

We’ve been getting along really well — so well that I felt inclined to go out and buy an engagement ring, one that’s exactly what she’s been wanting: a two-carat princess-cut ring — stunning if I say so myself. After investing in it, I just kept looking at it, feeling really proud that I was in a position to make such a monumental purchase at this point in my life. I knew she was going to say yes; that was never a question, but I’d struggled with how to ask.

My crew and I had a poker night where I showed off the ring to my fellas. They were all extremely impressed and assured me that it wouldn’t matter if I asked her to marry me in a garbage can because the ring is so dope. The more I talked it out, I began to feel they were right, so I decided to take her to a nice restaurant and pop the question there.

The night started off perfectly. I bought her a new outfit and purse to match, and we headed out for a night out on the town. We got to the restaurant just in time for our reservation and looked like a dynamic duo in every way. About midway through dinner, I decided it was time. I got out of my seat and got down on one knee, and asked for my girlfriend’s hand in marriage. She was in awe of the ring, from what I could tell. She just kept staring at it, then looking at me.

She finally was able to speak and began shaking her head to indicate ‘no.’ I was confused. Then she audibly said it, and all doubt was removed. She denied my proposal. We left the restaurant pretty quickly after that, and when we got in the car, it was silent. I dropped her off at her place, and we didn’t speak for the rest of the night. The next day, she texted me and apologized for embarrassing me at the restaurant. She told me she felt she needed to remain true to herself in feeling that she deserved a better proposal.

I was stunned. Basically, she felt that the way I had proposed wasn’t special enough, even though the ring was more than suitable. I’ll admit that I didn’t put much into the proposal itself, but that the restaurant was 5-star and the ring a 10. Now I’m questioning whether I’ll ever be able to truly please or keep up with impressing this woman.

Should I give her a redo on the proposal or give her walking papers?

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