‘Where is the Chair When You Need It?’: Crazed White Woman Hits, Kicks Black Veteran Allegedly for Sitting Too Close at Louisiana Casino In Viral Video Sparking Outrage

A video showing a white woman attacking a Black veteran at a Louisiana casino physically has gone viral.

According to Devon Leslie Jr., the incident happened on Aug. 3 in Bossier City, Lousiana, but he waited a few days before posting the video. He was unsure if he wanted to go public with the attack.

White Woman Hits, Kicks Black Veteran Allegedly for Sitting Too Close at Louisiana Casino In Viral Video Sparking Outrage
Video screenshot of woman attacking man in Bossier City, Lousiana, casino on Aug. 3. (Photo: Facebook/Devon Leslie Jr. )

“Now that I’ve had time to give it some thought I want it known about these two people! This woman went off on me hit me in the face and kicked me in the back, because I sat to (sic) close to her and her boyfriend so this is how I was treated,” Leslie wrote on Aug. 5, adding that the Bossier City Police and the casino stepped in to support him during the confrontation.

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He originally posted the video on his Facebook profile, and within days it went viral on social media.

The clip, which has been viewed almost 2 million times on one X post, shows the blond woman yelling loudly and attempting to kick Leslie as he records her on his phone. It also captures her male companion trying to calm her down.

However, he ends up joining in the abuse. The footage captures him using a racial slur before it ends.

The woman’s name, according to Leslie, is  Ashley Bieber Dison, and at the beginning of the video, she repeatedly yells in a slurred voice, “Record me!”

Her boyfriend, dressed in a T-shirt bearing the words “We the People,” is trying to get her to stop, but she will not, apparently upset that her behavior is being recorded by the person in front of her.

At one point, the white man turns to the person recording and calls him “a f—king loser.”

In the midst of the melee, the woman yells out, “Where the f–k are you from?” as she kicks at the Black man. Her boyfriend attempts to restrain her drunken behavior before turning and facing the man holding the cellphone and recording the incident. The boyfriend says, “Stop being a little b–ch, you f–king, n–ger.”

The Black man asks him to repeat himself, but he doesn’t. Leslie says he called me a “n–ger,” but this is disputed by the white woman. She says, “No, he called you Arabian.”

People online were outraged at the couple’s behavior.

One person tweeted, “He’s a soldier?? Look at his profile pic. Man literally fought for their freedom and this is what they chose to do with it. Smfh.”

Another person wrote, “Man, the guy in the ‘We the People’ shirt was doing so good right up until the end, when his racism just had to spew forth.”

“Have to assume if the roles were reversed they’d have security there pretty quickly,” one person commented, replying to a question about where the security was.

“Where is the chair when you need it,” one Twitter user wrote, referencing a recent incident on an Alabama dock where folding chairs were used by a Black man in a fight that appeared to be race related.

Leslie says the woman and her partner were both arrested after the confrontation. However, he wants the couple to pay for their offense.

“I hope that anyone that has any idea who they are or where they work at would be amazing to let their employers know who they have working for them,” he wrote.

Their employers have not been identified.

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