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Fourth Louisiana Day Care Worker Arrested After Toddlers Hit In the Face with Cheese, Taped to Chairs In Disturbing Video

Three other former employees of a Louisiana day care center have been arrested and charged in connection to footage of children being abused under their care.

Another ex-worker sent the disturbing videos to local TV station News 10 KLFY. The footage shows Pumpkin Patch Daycare workers throwing slices of cheese at toddlers’ faces, restraining them to chairs with tape, and intentionally causing fear that brought them to tears.

Eunice Day Care Workers Arrested
Katherine Michelle Fontenot and Alyssa Eve Dupre were arrested in connection to abuse at the Pumpkin Patch Daycare in Eunice, Louisiana. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey)

Eunice Police took Katherine Michelle Fontenot, 24, into custody on Monday, Aug. 7, based on a felony warrant that charges her with six counts of being an accomplice to cruelty to juveniles.

The video sent to local media is approximately two and a half years old, but authorities in the small town, about 40 miles from Lafayette, vowed to prosecute those involved.

Police also arrested Alyssa Eve Dupre, 23, and Chasity Monique Guillory, 29, for six counts of cruelty to juveniles stemming from their time at the day care. Kaitlyn Andrepont Doucet, 27, was arrested by Eunice Police and charged with six counts of principal to cruelty to juveniles.

Dupre was recorded throwing cheese slices at small children, covering their faces while laughing as the toddlers screamed in horror. However, it is unclear what role the other women played in the abuse.

Records from the Louisiana Department of Education reportedly show that the day care facility underwent 15 inspections, with nine instances showing deficiencies. The latest inspection in October 2022 revealed no issues, but the preceding year’s inspection noted the day care’s failure to maintain hazard-free indoor and outdoor spaces.

In July 2017, the facility had multiple deficiencies, including a concerning behavior management policy. During the incident, a staff member used inappropriate discipline methods, restraining a 3-year-old in a high chair. The child’s resistance to being placed in the chair led to a struggle.

Eunice Police Chief Kyle LeBouef confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing.

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