‘He’s Making George Zimmerman Vice President’: Supporters of Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Form Group to Combat ‘Cancel Culture’; Social Media Reacts

A group supporting acquitted killer Kyle Rittenhouse has formed a group to combat “cancel culture.”

Themis Alliance, a nonprofit named after Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, was created by the same people who raised money to defend the then-17-year-old after he killed two Black Lives Matter protestors.

Rittenhouse shot and killed two people while injuring one with an AR-15-style rifle during the Jacob Blake protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Aug. 25, 2020. Blake was paralyzed after being shot multiple times in the back by police responding to a domestic dispute on Aug. 23. Rittenhouse was acquitted of the killings after claiming self-defense.

Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse appears on Fox News on March 1, 2023. (Photo: Fox News / Youtube Screenshot)

Themis Alliance board member Jillian Anderson told Fox News Digital that the group was formed to help “victimized” Americans fight for their “constitutional rights.”

“We aim to help everyday Americans being victimized for exercising their constitutional rights,” said Anderson. “Whether it’s blatant censorship or the government being weaponized against people for simply speaking up against government policy, it’s clear there’s a coordinated assault on the First Amendment underway.”

Themis Alliance board member Adam Waldeck added that Rittnehouse was “kicked off” of several online platforms while trying to raise funds for his defense. The killer also has a lawsuit pending from the family of one of his victims and continues to beg for money online.

“It just shows how aggressive and censorious so many of our institutions have become,” he said. “All too often it’s only happening to people thought to hold certain opinions or represent certain values. It’s deeply unfair and makes the pursuit of justice — which should be in the interest of every America — nearly impossible. I’m hopeful Themis Alliance can help to right this wrong so everyday Americans aren’t crushed and drowned out by malicious actors.”

Anderson noted that she was drawn to help Rittenhouse after she witnessed “the media’s immense power,” adding that she was “driven” to help “victims of relentless smears by mainstream media.”

“This experience led me to help create Themis Alliance, providing a voice and platform for those silenced by the woke mob and cancel culture,” said Anderson. “Together, we’ll empower the voiceless to reclaim their narratives.”

The group will help individuals facing “cancel culture” with fundraising, public relations and legal defense efforts. The Themis Alliance will also use Equal Justice Education Campaigns through social media, op-eds and events focused on public information about “equal justice.”

Rittenhouse called the media attention he received “a mob” that hounded him and showed support for the Themis Alliance on social media.

“I’m really encouraged by the launch of the Themis Alliance because regular, everyday Americans need a battle-tested ally willing to stand up for the truth,” he said.

Reactions to the news on social media were swift.

“A murderer advocating for ‘cancel culture,’” noted one. “This guy should be in jail.

“He is the president of canceling people,” replied another. “Killing someone is the ultimate cancel.”

“I hear he’s making George Zimmerman Vice President of this organization,” wrote another user.

After Rittenhouse shared a tweet by MAGA supporter Jillian Anderson on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, another user shared a gif of Rittenhouse crying on the stand during his murder trial.

“What happened to @ThisIsKyleR was absolutely terrible. No law abiding citizen, exercising their constitutional rights, should have that same experience ever again,” read the post, prompting a user to reply, “Waaaaaaah,” with the gif.


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