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‘Oprah Said I Will Not’: Oprah and Gayle King’s Review of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Concert Derails After King Reveals This

Beyoncé‘s Renaissance Tour has fans singing her praises, including media moguls Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King. The dynamic duo recently saw the singer in New Jersey over the weekend, and they gushed over her performance in a now-viral video.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King
Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey. (Photo: @oprahdaily/Instagram)

Winfrey and King got to meet the “Break My Soul” vocalist before her July 29 concert prior to watching her perform from the VIP area with her mother, Tina Knowles.

“I have never in my life experienced something as transcendent as @beyonce’s Renaissance Tour,” wrote Winfrey in her caption on Instagram. “That kind of talent, synergy, expression, and anointing is something that comes straight from a Source that creates the planets.

She continued, “The dancers, the production, the musicians, and the team in front and behind the scenes, all perfectly align to create a renaissance in today’s world. You must see it.”

The talk show host doubled down on her critique in a video shared on Oprah Daily’s Instagram page.

“I have never in my life experienced anything like that. It was, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t, I was in awe,” said Winfrey. “I am in awe of that kind of talent, that kind of synergy, what it takes to do that, that kind of expression, that kind of anointing. I mean, that is a thing that is coming straight from a source that creates the planets, OK?”

The trio were spotted dancing together in a video shared by Winfrey and King. In another video circulating on Twitter, King said she was “mind blown” by Bey’s performance, which she claims empowered her to eat raw meat, and Winfrey seemed a bit taken aback.

“My jaw is still on the ground… mind blown… The other thing I thought about, she was so confident on the stage. You walked out of that show and I felt like I could eat raw meat raw,” said King. “She made you feel so powerful. Just give me a piece of raw meat and I will bite it and throw it to the people.”

“Raw meat, I will not be eating it and throwing,” added Oprah.

Fans reacted to the ladies’ enthusiasm on social media, and King’s remarks including one who tweeted, “RAW MEAT RAW LOL.”

A second individual said, “You know neither one of them eating meat.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this,” added a third.

King also noted that the concert was on a “school night,” but it was well worth it.

“Some things are worth staying up on a school night and it starts with B…BEYONCÉ! I see @oprah got over her concern about standing on her feet for 3 hours at a concert…sister girl never sat down! definitely going again, my jaw is still on the floor!”

Fans have until this fall to catch Beyonce’s tour before it ends with a concert in Kansas City on Oct. 1. Next, she will be in Landover, MD, performing at the FedExField on Aug. 5.

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