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‘Now You Want Me to Stop Talking?’: ‘The View’ Producer Signals for ‘Commercial’ Break After Whoopi Goldberg Goes on a Tangent About Having ‘Sex In a Pool’

Whoop Goldberg had a few fans laughing at her commentary about pool sex on a recent episode of “The View,” while others were left nearly puking in their seats.

During the Hot Topics segment, the talk show host went on a tangent about being intimate in a pool after uttering the statement, “You know, sex on the beach is overrated.”

Whoopi Goldberg
“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg goes on a rant about “pool sex.” (Photos: ‘The View’/YouTube)

Her co-host Joy Behar asked if she was referring to the drink or the sex, to which the 67-year-old stated, “Both.” The other co-hosts began laughing as she continued sharing her theory on being intimate in the water.

“Because you know if you try to have sex in the pool, you know, that’s not easy. Because you’re trying to go up the hill and you’re getting resistance from the water that is within,” Goldberg stated while co-host Sunny Hostin displayed an intrigued look on her face.

“Oh my gosh,” said fellow co-host Sara Hines, who looked stunned over what she heard. But Goldberg didn’t stop there.

“Because when you are in the pool you are surrounded in the water. Have you ever tried to put anything,” she continued, before Behar interrupted, “Watch it now.”

Another co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin shouted while laughing, “Brian’s going to send us to commercial.”

“Oh, you trying to move me on now, right?” said Goldberg before the camera cut to show producer Brian Teta as he covered his face in shame.

She looked in his direction before adding, “You tell me, ‘Get engaged in the conversation.’ Then I start to get engaged, now you want me to stop talking?”

Fans had mixed emotions after a clip from “The View” was shared on Twitter. One person said, “Whoopi needs a late night talk show at some point / once a week and let her talk about everything she can’t on daytime.”

Another wrote, “Gross me out big time.” One intrigued individual asked, “More NOT Topics. Is Whoopi saying that water went up her hoohah while having g pool sex?

But some were amused by Goldberg’s outlandish remarks, including one who tweeted, “I love Whoopi [red heart emoji].”

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