Should I Break Family Code and Tell My Brother’s Girlfriend That Another Woman Is Lurking When She’s Out of Town?

Since I can remember, my younger brother has always been a ladies’ man. Even when he was a little boy. I remember him getting into trouble for looking under skirts and rubbing on women’s legs, being mannish.

Not much has changed, to be honest, but that was until he met his current girlfriend. When he met her, it was like a completely different man had emerged, and I was in sheer disbelief.  He cut off all of his side women and has truly devoted himself to her for the past several years.

Should I Break Family Code and Tell My Brother's Girlfriend That Another Woman Is Lurking When She's Out of Town?
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Our entire family has met her, and we have given him our 100 percent approval. She even called me a few months ago and asked if I would help her when planning their wedding one day. I was honored. I really like her, and I feel like my brother is finally doing right by a woman and that she has made him a better man.

However, she was traveling for work last month, and we had a cookout at our mother’s house. My brother showed up alone initially, but as time drew on, a woman that was giving serious ‘jump-off’ vibes pulled up and found her way to the backyard where we were enjoying family time. Our brother introduced her to everyone, and she stuck close to him like white on rice for the duration of the night. I was totally confused and pulled my brother to the side, grilling him about who the mystery woman was. He assured me she was just a friend and encouraged me to mind my business ever so politely.

Last weekend the very same woman popped up at a family gathering AGAIN in his girlfriend’s absence, and my brother and I locked eyes from across the room. I was furious because I get the notion that my old brother was rearing his ugly head and cheating on his girlfriend.

After everyone left the house and it was just him and me, I had a heart-to-heart with my brother about what’s going on. I told him that as a woman, I will not stand by and watch him destroy or take advantage of this woman he proclaims to love. I implored that she doesn’t deserve that treatment and urged that he let her go if he’s not going to treat her properly.

My brother clapped back and sternly reminded me that my allegiance should be to him first and foremost and that I shouldn’t even consider betraying his trust by telling his girlfriend that he’s seeing someone on the side. He told me it was none of my business and that if I tell, he will never speak to me again.

Should I find a way to tell his girlfriend about the secret woman or avoid breaking family code and play my brother’s game?

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