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‘Bring Them 36Gs Home To Mama’: Former ‘ANTM’ Contestant Tocarra Jones Offers Modeling Gig to Drake’s Busty Fan Who Threw Her Bra Onstage at His Concert

Job offers are pouring in for the busty Drake fan who threw her 36G-sized bra at the rapper during a recent performance.

Veronica Correia has already been tapped by Playboy as one of their newest content creators after becoming a viral sensation. “Other Bunnies are making millions of dollars a year on Playboy, so I couldn’t be more excited to tap into that potential,” the 21-year-old told The New York Post about her new gig.

Toccara Jones. Photo: Iamtoccarajones/Instagram. Veronica Correia. Photo: Olivia.veronice.corr/Instagram

But that’s not the only lucrative offer on the table. Former “America’s Next Top Model” beauty Toccara Jones also wants to work with Correia. The O.G. busty model was caught by TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport, where she talked about the bra-throwing-moment that had Drake and everyone else’s mouths agape.

“Locate this woman immediately,” said the “Hotline Bling” artist after picking up her bra and sniffing it during his Brooklyn concert stop. Correia later confirmed her identity in a TikTok video.

“I was like, first of all, Drake, you know you done already had a girl with 36Gs. So don’t act like you new to this, you true to this, OK,” said Jones about her initial reaction. She and video vixen Melyssa Ford both have revealed that they’ve dated Drake in the past.

“And then secondly, I was like, go, girl! ‘Cause you have to capitalize off the moment,” added the entrepreneur. “She can call me; I got my own intimate line, Toccara’s Intimate. We serve girls with big t-tties, small backs; she can bring them 36Gs home to mama.”

But not everyone is thrilled with Correia’s newfound fame. “Started from the bottom girl you still at the bottom,” wrote one person beneath her Playboy announcement. A second person wrote, “If clout chaser was a person.”

A third comment read, “U have a kid u should b ashamed of yourself wtf.” 

Jones is familiar with internet hate from trolls bothered by her curves. “Sometimes you gotta let them girls hang. We gotta let them do what they do; the t-tties gotta be t-ttying. People pay for these t-tties,” she said in response to disparaging remarks.

The fashion model appeared on cycle 13 of Tyra Banks‘ long-running series. While she did not win on the show, she still managed to be come out victorious, having landed several gigs catering to her fuller figure.  

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