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‘It’s ‘Extremely Disappointing’: Distraught Louisiana Cop Who Cried on Video After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Black Man In Chest Faces New Charge; Defense Attorney Vows to Fight Case

Charges against a former Louisiana police officer accused of shooting a Black man in an apartment complex have been increased by state prosecutors.

On Monday, July 24, Alexander Tyler, a 23-year-old white ex-Shreveport officer, is now being charged with a second criminal charge of felonious malfeasance for fatally shooting Alonzo Bagley on Feb. 3, 2023, by the Louisiana State Police, according to The Associated Press.

Two weeks after the shooting, Tyler was charged with negligent homicide.

Louisiana officer shoots unarmed black man
Alonzo Bagley was killed by Shreveport Police Officer Alexander Tyler on Feb. 3. Tyler faces negligent homicide for the shooting. (Photo: SPD)

The ex-cop has since pleaded not guilty to first-degree negligent homicide and felony malfeasance.

“These charges are extremely disappointing,” Dhu Thompson, Tyler’s defense lawyer, said Monday. “However, we have been prepared since day one to bring the case and facts therein to an impartial jury. We look forward to our day in court.”

Police reports show that on the day of the incident, Tyler and another police officer responded to a domestic disturbance report between the 43-year-old and his wife, Tangela Jones.

Jones earlier called 911, claiming that Bagley had threatened her and their teenage daughter.

Body camera footage captures the officers’ approach to Bagley’s door.

As the officers knock on the front door, Bagley and Jones are heard arguing behind the closed door. When the door is opened, Bagley swiftly runs back into the apartment, and Jones is heard in the background telling the officers, “Come on in, sir, he’s disturbing the peace. We’ve got neighbors over there.” 

After an officer enters Bagley retreats to the rear of the apartment and jumps from the second-floor balcony in an attempt to evade the police.

The video then shows Bagley running from one officer among the apartment buildings before he is shot in the chest from a few feet away by Tyler coming from an opposite direction. Subsequently, the officers are seen on the bodycam footage pleading with Bagley to stay alive while they administer first aid in an effort to save him.

According to reports, the 43-year-old was not armed during the encounter with law enforcement.

Should Tyler be convicted of negligent homicide and malfeasance while in office he could face five years in prison.

“This decision was solely made by Mr. Tyler and his attorney. The City has followed all policies and procedures during this process,” Tom Arceneaux said in a statement on March 17.

In addition to the criminal case, Tyler is being hit with a civil complaint by relatives of the deceased. Family members of Bagley hired Louisiana attorney Ronald Haley to represent them, as they have filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tyler.

The ACLU of Louisiana has blasted the police claiming there is a culture that affords officers the space to violate the civil rights of citizens.

“The Shreveport Police Department’s Chief of Police, who claims to be mourning with Mr. Bagley’s family, has continuously failed to enact appropriate policies and practices to hold his officers accountable for their actions. Real accountability includes direct and immediate action taken against Alexander Tyler, the man who killed Mr. Bagley,” the organization said in a statement in February 2023.

Following the initial charges, action was taken. Tyler was put on administrative leave, and in March, he chose to resign. This decision marked the end of his two-year tenure as an officer following the shooting incident.

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