‘Just Like His Tacky Brother’: Amanda Seales Goes In on KeKe Palmer’s Boyfriend Darius Jackson and His Former ‘Insecure’ Actor Brother Sarunas, Calls Them ‘Cornballs’

Comedian Amanda Seales is not here for Keke Palmer‘s boyfriend and child’s father Darius Jackson, or his brother Sarunas, who co-starred on the hit HBO series “Insecure” with her.

The “Smart, Funny, Black” influencer and actor believes both men are “cornballs.” They held no punches when it came down to talking about one of their recent headline-making antics.

While talking on her “The Amanda Seales Show” podcast, she addressed Darius’ public Twitter outburst about fellow actress Keke Palmer’s dress at a recent Usher Raymond concert, calling it a “red flag,” particularly since he felt it was OK to publicly shame his girlfriend.

She said that if Palmer’s son’s father is acting “like this in public,” he is probably doing more in private.

“This ain’t even a red flag. This is probably a scorching hot bursting-in-flames flag,” she doubled down and said.

Seales and her co-host Jeremiah kiki’d about the incident, specifically how Palmer has not responded except to say, “I have merch,” but it didn’t end there. Seales explained that she knows the man and that he comes by his corniness honestly.

“I just think it’s so tacky,” she revved up, before saying, “And he’s no different than his tacky brother.”

“His brother had the nerve to open his tacky mouth trap on Twitter in 2019 to come and disparage me, about something that he had nothing to do with. And, so you know, like brother like brother. Two cornballs in a pod well.”

Four years ago, Seales and Sarunas Jackson’s dislike of each other spilled to the public when she was denied entrance to a Black Hollywood Emmys after-party.

Sarunas, who portrays Alejandro ‘Dro’ Peña. He tweeted, “Being disrespectful won’t attract companionship. It’s straightforward—sit it out.”

Social media was mixed on Seales weighing in, pointing to the same nastiness that Sarunas mentioned.

“I’ve never seen her in the media for saying anything positive. And at the end of the day that’s a woman he shares a child with, he can have an opinion.”

“I never liked Amanda. Still don’t. Go find you a man and stop talking about someone else’s.”

Not everyone was against her. Some had her back, calling people hypocrites for agreeing with her but going against her because she isn’t congenial.

“So everyone can give their think pieces but when Amanda add her sentence she’s ‘always mad’ y’all are wild.”

“Y’all dragging Amanda for the same thing many of you said about the situation. People on these apps weird. Y’all never stay on anyone’s side, never stay with your morals, just flip flop to the popular opinion”

Despite what people are saying, Seales is going to talk, particularly about anyone she feels needs to be checked. 

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